Do you have favourite idols?

In this world, there’s a lot of occupation. And one of them is actress / actor / singer. And as actress / actor / singer, there are many people idolize them. And they are a big influencer to the world.

For me, an idol is someone who give courage, spirit and influence. I also like how they work hard to achieve what they want to do. If you love a drama or movie, that means the idols is very succeed to bring the character, even an antagonist too. It gives me motivation to work hard too.

Starting around February 2020, because of Corona Virus, I have stay at home more, and my job is totally got the impact. And I only able to see television, and internet. That time, China is the first country that has epidemic corona virus and Wuhan is lockdown. Then some artists gathered to sing a song to give Wuhan and whole China a courage.

I like this kind of song, that give courage to each other, and give others a warm heart. In this MV, I recognize some of idols such as Jacky Chen 成龍, Huang Xiao Ming 黃曉明, Wang Lee Hom 王力宏. But the most attractive one is Xiao Zhan 肖战 (born in 1991).

Xiao Zhan 肖战

It’s been a long time for me to follow China Idols, so it’s kind of flashback for me.

Actually, I have known idols from when I’m in high school. That time, western idols is the famous one, and I happen to like Backstreet Boys (debut in 1993).

I like their song: As long as you love me, I want it that way, etc. There’s many nice songs from other western idols too, such as Boyzone, Westlife.

Then in University, I have known many of Taiwan Idols, such as Fahrenheit, SHE, 5566, Cindy Wang, Angela Zhang, etc. And I often looking for c-drama series. Especially when I went to China to study Chinese. My favourite that time is Fahrenheit 飞轮海 (debut in 2005).

Until 2012, suddenly, my idol point of view change to South Korea, 2PM (debut in 2008). From that time, I always looking for South Korean idols news. Even there’s language problem, but I think, it makes me to start learn Korean. And also, from that time until now, I have been in South Korea 5 times already XD.

I’m not a fans that always chasing the stars. Even I have been already 5 times in South Korea, but I never once to accidentaly looking for the stars or chasing them. I have never meet them XD. I went to South Korea is purely for travelling and sometimes bring private group, even I have went to SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment company, but only for travelling, go to Soul Cup Cafe, and take a picture from the front. It’s not that I didn’t want to chasing stars, but it’s not my personality to do that. I’m more into silently give support to them. Because seeing them happy, will make me happy too.

Then I also a fans of GOT7 (debut in 2014). After some of 2PM has to go to military service, I start to looking for GOT7. Seeing them really make life feel fresh.

And now we are back to Xiao Zhan 肖战 (active from 2015, debut in 2016 with X Nine). At first seeing him I remember Ahn Hyo Seop, an South Korean actor who play in Dr Kim Romance 2. That time, I also finished watch k-drama seried Dr Kim Romance 2. And I really love this drama.

From that 坚信爱会赢 Jian Xin Ai Hui Ying MV, I start to search anything about Xiao Zhan 肖战. I found he starring in drama series The Untamed 陈情令 Chen Qing Ling (2019) and I fall in love with this drama too. From then, I start to follow Xiao Zhan 肖战 and Wang Yi Bo 王一博 (debut in 2014 with UNIQ) too.

He is also starring in movie The Jade Dynasty 诛仙 zhu xian (2019) and drama series Superstar Academy 超星星学园 chao xing xing xue yuan (2016). He is also play as supporting actor in Joy Of Life 庆余年 qing yu nian (2019) and sing one of the soundtrack 余年 Yu Nian.

I start to play Weibo again, and review my Chinese. It’s really been a long time I didn’t read Chinese Articles. So it’s time to improve my Chinese again.

Xiao Zhan 肖战

He just release an single 光点 guang dian (Light Spot) on 25th April 2020, and within 12 hours, the single sold 8 million copies in QQ music and only within 4 days, for overall sales the single’s sales is broken through 100.000.000 Yuan which make the best seller single in China. This songs is about spreading love and warm to the world as well as pure and sincere. (wikipedia Guang Dian) — translations by me

Actually, I have many favourite idols, but sometimes it went with the flow. And those who I mention above is longer. I like everyone and will always expected their works, even people who is around me. And I always prefer to be silent fans.

As an idols, there’s fans, antis, and also there’s sasaeng. This is a common things. Just like in the common life, you have friends, someone who hate you and also who obsessed with you. It’s just that, we are different from Idol. Each step that idols doing, the rumour will always be there. Because they are one of the biggest influencer in the world. If we as common people who doing something, I think no one will care haha..

I know that no one perfect, Idols too. They may be lack in some matters. Because we are all human. But let’s only memorize the good things, and left behind the bad things. So this world will have more positive energy.

So, who is your favourite idols?

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来喜欢你,追求你喜欢的明星 —— 肖战

My Fans, I think all of you have to life your own life first,

then you will have spare time to like and chasing your idols — Xiao Zhan


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