Enjoy Sumba D1 # NTT – Indonesia

We go to the airport at 08:30 using hotel shuttle bus. Then we go to check-in counter Wings Air. Our destination is Tambolaka (TMC) which located at West Sumba. Our flight is at 11:00 and will arrive at Tambolaka at 12:20.

The airport is very small and only several airplane will arrive in here.

Tambolaka Airport TMC

I make this open trip because I want to go to Sumba too. I join Ivacanza Tour.

Our Guide, Mr Duwi has already in arrival area with hiace to take us touring for today. We go to hotel first to put our luggage and lunch.

We will stay at Hotel Sinar Tambolaka for 1 night. Address: Hotel Sinar, Kalena Wano, Kota Tambolaka, Kabupaten Sumba Barat Daya, Nusa Tenggara Timur 87255. Website: http://www.sinartambolaka.com/.

I heard that this is one of the best hotel in Southwest Sumba. We keep our luggage at the receptionist first and will check-in at night.

Today’s destination is:

  1. Ratenggaro Traditional Village
  2. Bwanna Beach

It took about 1 hour to go to Ratenggaro Traditional Village (wikipedia). The village located near the Ratenggaro beach and above the hills. We can see how’s the local live in here, and what are they doing in daily life. The village is very beautiful and still original.

Ratenggaro this name, is from Rate, which means the grave and Nggaro / Gaura, which is the first person name who live in this village. The distance from Tambolaka, the capital of Southwest Sumba Regency is 56km.

The unique things that you can found in here is, you seems like back to 4500 years ago, at Megaliths era which you can find old stone grave in the village.

The other unique things from this village is, located near the Ratenggaro Beach and we can see the ocean.

The locals will inform us about their part of thehouse and you can ride horse in here. You can rent it and take picture with it.

Sumba is famous with its embroidery. The people here will stitch it by themselves and sometimes it took a long time to finish. So that’s why, some of embroidery cloths is very expensive but the material is very highclass.

We bring some stationary and snack for the local children and they really like it. But you have to be careful when you share the things, because they could be very eager.

Then we go to Bwanna Beach. Some people or website call it Mbawana Beach, or Bawana Beach. (another website)

This time, our guide bring us to go down to the beach. And it tooks some efforts. They ask the local to help us because we have to go downhill which very steep. The local is familiar with the hills so they can help us. (Tips suggestion: IDR 50.000-100.000/person, please negotiate first)

It took 10 minutes to go down, but seems like 30 minutes. We have to be really carefull. For those who has heart disease or afraid of height, I suggest you can wait in the car.

There’s no clean toilet in here.

The beach is very beautiful and no people at all. It’s only us so it looks like private beach. There’s a big coral which looks like tunnels and the scene is very beautiful. Too bad, the sun is covered so there’s no sunset in here.

After take some picture, we go back to the car parking. When we go down, we just need to be careful so we don’t slip. But when we go up, you have to use your muscle to lift your body. Seems like we go up at an angle of almost 90 degress. On the first day, we have already work out haha..

Just a reminder, when you go on trip to Sumba, you need to prepare your stamina because all the trip need trekking and swimming.

On the way back to hotel, we all are sleeping, haha.. The sun has already set and it’s really dark on the way back to hotel. Still there’s not enough light in the road.

Arriving at hotel, we go to check-in. I got a room on the 2nd floor T__T and we have to climb stairs while bringing our luggage. But the room is unique, there’s a living room once we enter our room and there’s a small stair to go up again to our bedroom.

Don’t forget to relax your foot and give some ointment So tomorrow it won’t be too stiff.


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