Istana Mie dan Es, Artos Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

One of the restaurant that we can always find at Mall in Indonesia is Istana Mie dan Es. It’s famous with it’s noodle and ice. But, there’s also another food in here.

Just like when I eat there with my friends, at one of their franchise in Armada Town Square, Magelang.

I order Rice with Butter Sauce.

This restaurant has different method of order compare with other common restaurant in Indonesia. In here, we have to pay first then eat and after finished, we just leave. We pay the food, not in cashier, but the waiter / waitress will collect our order and count it in front of us.

If you need change, they will collect your money first then give the change after put it on registry.

The food here has standard price for restaurant in mall. Not too expensive, but not too cheap either. And it’s convenient to eat here because they have a lot of menu.


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