Hash :: Chicken Church and Puntuk Setumbu Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Today hash’s destination is Chicken Church. Why it is named Chicken Church? Because, people who build this building, which likes Chicken, was actually build a prayer place. The owner said, it is actually called Dove not chicken.

This abandoned building, has been there a long time ago. I have been there 3 to 4 times to hash / jogging. But, nowadays, the building is become more and more famous.

The way to go there also rebuild. It’s hard to reach there before, but now it’s easier even you have to climb for 45 degrees road.

Now, the building is used as tourists spot for local people. Those who wants to go up, have to pay IDR 5.000 for Indonesian, and IDR 10.000 for foreigner.

For further information, http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/gereja-ayam-the-abandoned-chicken-church

From the Chicken-Dove-Church building, we decided to walk to Puntuk Setumbu. It took about 20 minutes to go there with small path and climb up. But the beautiful scene welcome us on the peak. Under the main location of Puntuk Setumbu, there’s a small place to see sunrise, just walk a little to bottom. Not much crowded and we can enjoy it quietly.

view from under the main location of Puntuk Setumbu
Borobudur Temple view from under the main location of Puntuk Setumbu
The main location of Puntuk Setumbu
Puntuk Setumbu, this place will be full of people in the morning before sunrise
This is the path to under Puntuk Setumbu location.
The path to Chicken-Dove-Church. We go back here to the car park.

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