Kledung Pass Hotel & Mount Sumbing Parakan # Central Java – Indonesia

Today, I accompany my cousin with her boyfriend, to visit her boyfriend hometown, Parakan. Parakan located at Central Java, sub-disrict of Temanggung City, from Magelang it took approximately 1 hour if not traffic.

I’ve been here many times, but this is the first time I stay in Parakan. Some of my friends in University, also from Parakan.

You can see Mount Sumbing clearly from here. That’s why the weather here, was colder than Magelang.

This evening, we visit Kledung Pass Hotel, which located between Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro. Kledung also a sub-district of Temanggung City.

Too bad, when we arrive there, it’s cloudy, so we can’t see the mount clearly. Here’s some flower in Kledung Pass Hotel.

And while we were there, there’s some cats that come and play in the garden behind the hotel.

No sunset today. So we decided to go home. While on the way home, the mount Sumbing was seen. So we stop by and took some picture.

The dinner menu for today was Fried Rice. It’s delicious. And we also bought some Ronde. Drink Ronde in the cold weather, really comfortable.


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