Thai Snack # Ayutthaya – Thailand

Don’t forget to taste Thai Snack in Ayutthaya. You can find it at floating market, or food market right next to Wiharn Mongkol Bophit, or you can find some near attraction place. Many people sell it. But I don’t know which one is famous. I just happened to buy it when I saw.

Here’s some snack that I bought:

Found this snack near Bang Pa-In Royal palace. On the way from car parking to the main gate, there’s some stall that sell Thai Snack, and this snack attract me a lot. There’s 2 kind of it, I don’t know what’s inside, but the first has Yellow Colour, and the second has Orange Colour. It Delicious, and so sweet.
Coconut Ice Cream, I found this snack while browsing before go to Thailand. And saw k-pop boyband 2PM eat it when they visit Thailand. Then I’m curious, what is it? The seller seperate the meat and water. The coconut has a fresh water, so delicious and freshly. Then they add coconut ice cream inside the coconut, and ask me for topping and I choose nuts. So Delicious.. 
Roti Sai Mai or cotton candy, saw 2PM mention about it too. You took the pandan crepe (sweet roti), then put those candy floss to the crepe and roll it. Then eat it. It’s not too sweet. The more candy floss, the better.



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