Happy Valley Amusement Park (1) # Beijing – China

It’s still holiday and the last day of Wuyi holiday. So we decided to go to Amusement Park. We go to Happy Valley 北京欢乐谷 beijing huan le gu.

Happy Valley 北京欢乐谷 is an amusement park in Beijing built and operated by Beijing OCT (北京华侨城 beijing hua qiao cheng), which is part of the Overseas Chinese Town Company. The park is located in Chaoyang in eastern Beijing. Opened in July 2006, it is the second park of the Happy Valley theme park chain. The concept design and master plan for the park was created by Creative Kingdom China. Leisure Quest International (USA/China). Similar in style with the Disneyland Park, Happy Valley Beijing also features distinctive landscapes and themes throughout the resort along with featured rides within the different themes. In total there are more than 40 rides, 10 of which are extreme rides, an IMAX theater with seven screens as well as a shopping complex. (wikipedia)

I forget how much is the ticket price that time, but now the ticket price is (2020): 260 Yuan/person.

You can ride subway to Beijing Happy Valley Station line 7.

We really having fun in here.


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