Karaoke at Party World (1) # Beijing – China

When we go to Yong He Gong, we often see this Karaoke place. The place is so elegance, so this time, we decided to go there.

The place name is Party World 钱柜 qian gui. Party World is one of the biggest KTV centers in Beijing. It features magnificent decoration and high level of service. The clerks there are always polite, friendly, and ready to serve you. And it has a big database of songs. Most of them are Chinese songs. There are English songs, too. It is equipped with high-quality stereo equipment and its sound effect is splendid. One who is able to carry a tune can sing like a pop singer. It also offers delicious buffet dinner and beverage free. The buffet dinner covers varieties of food, such as rice, noodles, cake, cookies, etc. If you do not like Chinese food, you are also allowed to bring your own food.

This place is surely amazing, and very high level. Even a little expensive for a student, but as long as we didn’t go there often I think it is still okay.

I go here with my classmate. And we really have fun in here.


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