Placement Test Chinese Language UIBE # Beijing – China

Actually, I forgot when is the placement test date. I think it’s about 1 week after the registration took place. When we re-registration, we will be tested if we could speak Chinese of not. And the teacher will decided if we have to take placement test or not.

This placement test for Chinese Language is like English TOEFL test. There’s Listening, Grammar, Reading, and Essay.

First we have to “listening” or in Chinese called 听力 tingli, then they will test our Grammar / 语法 yufa, then Reading / 阅读 yuedu. All of the test is multiple choice. And for the last stage, it’s Writing / 写 xie when we have to write an essay about some topic in Chinese.

Not all new student for Chinese language need to take placement test. When we have been interviewd by teacher, if we can’t passed the interview then they will decided we will start from beginner level.

My purpose to go to China is studying Chinese, so no matter from what level I will be start, it doesn’e matter. Because I think, I can improve well if my basic is strong enough.

After the test, we all go shopping.


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