First Time Skiing at Nanshan Ski Resort 北京南山滑雪场 # Beijing – China

One of friend that we met at Beijing, ask us to join him for skiing. I decided to try it because it’s my first time and the class hasn’t been started yet, so why not try it. I went with Nit, Vi, Via, Roni, yeye, and some other friends.

I forgot how much it cost, but our friend has already count everything including the bus to go there. We will skiing at Nanshan Ski Resort 北京南山滑雪场 beijing nanshan huaxue chang (

Once we arrive there, we rent the jacket, pants, shoe and ski stuff. We have to leave deposit for it. We feel so excited because it’s our first time.
This is Nanshan Ski Resort:

There’s a cafetaria in there, so we can eat lunch easily. We spend almost 4-6 hours and so tired. I drop so many times because can’t balance my ski and all of my body feel sore. But it’s fun.

At the evening, we came back to UIBE. I sleep during the journey back because exhausted.


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