How to Reschedule / Refund Airline Flight Ticketing because of Pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19)?

From early 2020, in this world appear a virus called Corona Virus which is an infectious disease caused by a new virus that has never been indentified by human.

As a traveller, the tourism industry has a big impact because of this virus. And many traveller make a hard decision to cancel their trip, and many Airline company cancelled their flight. This is surely a big impact. I have stop working from February 2020, no one buy flight ticketing, instead they all try to refund their ticket.

So, in here I will inform you how to refund flight ticketing from each flight company. Maybe, not all flight company could be included in here. But mostly is international flight and domestic flight in Indonesia.

  1. For Indonesia Airline Flight Ticketing — click here
  2. For Another International Airline Flight Ticketing — click here
  3. For Booking via Travel Agent or OTA — click here

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