Hash :: Curug Silawe, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Curug / Waterfall Silawe, located at near Sumbing Mountain, at Magelang Regency. To go there, there’s a small path and sign already.

The sunrise on the way to Curug Semali
The Sign
The View on the way to Curug Silawe
The Path

Curug Silawe’s height is 50m. It is called Curug Silawe because when the waterfall has been found, there’s a spider net in there. (Lawe is means spider net in Javanese Language).

If you go straight and climb the stairs, you will found another waterfall called Curug Sigong which height 40m.

9th March, is also solar eclipse event. That time, the sun shine so brightly. Too bad, I didn’t have lense to capture the solar eclipse moment. Event with Sun Glasses, we still can’t see the solar eclipse process.

Some friends, bring Film Paper, and we can see the beautiful solar eclipse (but we can’t capture it using our cameras).

It’s really beautiful and we can’t see this everyday.

Other Link:
– https://sites.google.com/site/wisataairterjun/jawa-tengah/curug-silawe—magelang
– https://teamtouring.net/curug-silawe-magelang.html


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