Kudus # Central Java – Indonesia

Today we go to Kudus, to attending my mom’s family wedding party. Magelang to Kudus take 3,5 hours. I use GPS to track our route.

Kudus is a regency (Indonesia: kabupaten) in Central Java province in Indonesia. Its capital is Kudus. It is located east of Semarang, capital of Central Java.

The city of Kudus was something of an important Islamic holy city in the sixteenth century. It is the only place in Java that has permanently acquired an Arabic name (‘al-Quds’, Jerusalem). Sunan Kudus, one of the nine Wali Sanga, was said to have been the fifth imam (head) of the mosque of Demak and a major leader of the 1527 campaign against ‘Majapahit’, before moving to Kudus.

The Mosque of Kudus (Masjid Menara) which dates from this period, remains a local landmark to this day. It is notable for both its perseverance of pre-Islamic architectural forms such as Old Javanese split doorways and Hindu-Buddhist influenced Majapahit-style brickwork, and for its name al-Manar or al-Aqsa. The date AH 956 (AD 1549) is inscribed over the mihrab (niche indicating the direction of Mecca).

Credit: Wikipedia

When we entering the regency, we can see this symbol after passed the bridge.

Kudus, Kota Kretek (Clove Cigarette City), because there’s a big cigarette brand/manufacture company in here, it’s Djarum.

The road from east Semarang to Kudus, passed by Demak, and it’s only straight road, no need to turn left or right. Just cross outer Demak, to avoid the crowded in the Demak Regency.

If you didn’t want to enter Semarang City, you can use toll-road and come out at the east side.

We only attend the wedding party for 2 hours. Then we go back to Magelang again.

We decided to passed by Salatiga, and eat Bakso Taman Sari, expensive Meat Ball. But delicious and when you tired, it feel fresh to eat hot soup and meat ball.

Then we go back to Magelang from Kopeng.


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