Hash :: Mount Andong (1) Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Today’s hash route is at Mangli Village, Ngablak-Grabak. And for the long route is hiking Mount Andong. Andong Peak is at 1726 MDPL.

Nowadays, so many people come to hike the mountain. And the villagers, made it become tourists spot.

Where’s Mount Andong?
If you come from Magelang, then you go to Kopeng directions. After passed Pakis Village, there’s a village name Ngablak. When you arrive at it’s market, there’s a big gate on the left, then turn left and enter the big gate.

From then, just follow the road until you face T-junction, turn left again. Then, there’s another T-junction which looks like “Y”, follow the right path. Until you entering a village residence, in the T-junction turn left then you will arrive in the basecamp. The basecampe located at Sawit village, Girirejo. We have to pay the regristation if we want to climb the mountain for IDR 3.000/pax. (based story of http://ngadem.com/wisata-ke-gunung-andong-magelang-hiking-asik-tanpa-bikin-pening/)

Because I went there with group, so I didn’t know how much the regristation cost.

The way to the peak start from this basecamp. At first, the path is easy, until you found this sign.

Then walk about 10m and you started to climb. The path is mostly stairs from stone and full of sand. and it’s so high (for me).

It’s tiring to climb up. But the view is amazing.

This is still in the middle. Still there’s about 15 minutes to arrive to the peak. But after struggling, finally I arrives at the peak.

It’s another basecamp, and there’s so many tent in there. A lot of people stay for the night, to enjoy sunset and sunrise.

Then go further, there’s what people call “Geger Sapi / Jembatan Setan”. “Geger Sapi” means the top blade of cow. So the mountain just like top blade of cow. There’s a curve in the middle of the peak and the path is so narrow. For those who afraid of height, maybe they won’t dare to accross it. That’s why it’s also called “Jembatan Setan” or Devil Bridge.

Geger Sapi / Jembatan Setan
Mt Andong Peak 1726 MDPL
The tomb of  Kyai Jaka Pekik and the view surround it from Mt Andong Peak

It’s so beautiful. We can see Mt Sumbing and Sindoro, and also Mt Merapi, Mt Merbabu. And we are above the sea cloud. The weather is nice, makes the nature more beautiful.

It’s worth to climb for almost 2 hours. It’s windy, so if you want to climb here, prepare mask to keep you from dust. And also eyeglasses.

On the way down, it’s easier than climb. But we have to extra careful, because it’s slippery especially with a lot of dry sand. But it’s faster than climb.

It took 2 hours and 20 minutes with 4,03km.


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