Hash :: Pulosaren Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Today Hash route is at Pulosaren, a village in Magelang Regency.
Parking place is Pulosaren Soccer Field, near the traditional market. 
If you go straight, you will arrive at Wonosobo. Go to Kaliangkrik ekkingfrom Magelang then go straight. In the middle of the road, there’s three section then turn right. Just follow the road until you pass a market and there’s a soccer field in there.
The route distance is 1.85km with beautiful scene. Altought the weather is really cold (less than 20 degree celcius), but didn’t make us afraid to walk.

The scene is beautiful. At first, we walk along of the main road then turn right. We walk in the small path with Mt Sumbing as the background and also along the path there’s so many plants like tobaco, cabbage, and etc.


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