Kuala Lumpur & Bandar Sunway D5 # Malaysia

It’s a relaxing trip for me. Woke up in thr morning, and see the Taylor’s University Campus. I could see some students, maybe from Dancing Community, filming the dance cover. I don’t know what songs, but it interesting.

Our hotel, Ruemz Hotel Taylor’s has unique beakfast. We can choose between Coffee Bean, Old Town White Coffee and another coffee shop but I forgot the name.

We decided to eat breakfast at Coffee Bean which there’s 3 choice: Toast, Muffin, and Stone Bread. 

For beverages, we can choose tea or brew coffee.
I choose toast and try the brew coffee. The toast is usual, and I didn’t like the brew coffee taste.

After eating breakfast, we rest for a while then at 13:00 we ride taxi to Sunway Pyramid. There’s no bus operated on Sunday to Taylor’s. 

We eat lunch at Mr Tepanyaki.

Then we walk around the mall. It’s so big, I managed to instal the mall applications, but still got lost.

We also try Milkcow Ice Cream Korea. It’s delicious.

For dinner, we eat Japanese Food. I bought Tempura Udon. 

Then we go back to hotel using Grabtaxi.


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