Seoul 서울 D3 (BGSDNMK) – SK Trip 2014 # South Korea

Today, we visit Apgujeong and Cheongdam Street at Gangnam. 

Before start our journey, I bought Banana Milk for my breakfast.

Apgujeong and Cheongdam are located right at the entry of Gangnam (literally meaning, “South of Hangang River”). Gangnam is known for advanced industries, venture capitals, global business centers, expensive apartment complexes, and high-end villas. If one lives in Gangnam, he or she is regarded as having “new money”. This is also area of K-Pop Entertainment. Many entertainment company, located in here like SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment and F&C Entertainment.

We decided to stop at Apgujeong Rodeo Street Station. At the station, we can found 2PM 2D stand-picture.

Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong are the main shopping districts for the rich in Gangnam. Many young people interested in fashion and hair crowd the district. Considered to be ‘hot’ places, Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong typically lead in new fashion styles and social trends in Korea.

Connecting Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong, Apgujeong-ro (ro meaning ‘boulevard’) is the center of luxury fashion and is full of a chic department stores and luxury brands. Korean and international designer shops, galleries, and multi-shops (designer goods in smaller boutiques), and entertainment venues can easily overwhelm casual visitors. Designated as the ‘Special Fashion District’, Apgujeong-ro attracts leaders in the fashion industry and fashion enthusiasts and holds various fashion festivals and events every year.

Aside from fashion, Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong are renowned for offering high-end total beauty care from nail art to hairdos, skin care, and plastic surgery. Top-notch beauty shops provide comprehensive luxurious services to international tourists.

Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong embody the modern wealthy lifestyle in Korea, evidenced by the young professionals that flock to the area’s chic cafés, bars, and restaurants.


The street from the Cheongdam Station intersection to Galleria Department Store is lined with luxury brand stores and designated as the special fashion zone “Cheongdam-dong Fashion Geori (Street). Often frequented by celebrities, the area became a popular tourist destination for Hallyu fans.


Some of my friends, are Kpop fans. And this is why this trip is made. I’m not a big fans, but I know some of idols. And I’m curious, about the entertainment in Korea.

From Apgujeong Rodeo Street exit 2, make a u-turn, you will greet by Apgujeong Street which is very big. Just like Orchard Road in Singapore, but bigger and not too crowded like Orchard Road. You can see clearly the shop in the road side. And all is branded.

1st destination is SM Entertainment. Actually, there’s an office in the road which we passed, but it has been renovated. So we keep move on. We plan to visit the other office. I remember my friends said, keep walk until you found Citibank. Then turn left. So, we keep walk to Cheongdam Station direction. We passed Galeria Department Store, and many fashion boutique. The weather is nice, so it’s really comfortable to walk.

After the main road turn to right, we found the citibank, then we turn left, to a small alley. Just walk straight until almost the end of road and you arrive at F&C Entertainment. If you know CNBLue, AOA, FTIsland then this is their company.

Walk again to the end of the road then turn right. Then you will arrive at SM Entertainment new office. Super Junior, TVXQ, Girls Generations, F(x), EXO, this is their company. My friends is fans of Suju, and we took some picture in here. In front of SM Entertainment, is Han River. But you can’t see it from here because there’s a small hill.

Then we walk straight, and turn right. We found JYP Entertainment in there, right in front of Dunkin Donuts. This is the company for 2PM, Miss A, GOT7, etc.

There’s 2 alley in there, and we go to the left, and found CUBE Entertainment, the company of Beast, 4Minutes, BToB, etc.

After that, we arrive again at the big street cheongdam but different alley. Actually, from here you can turn left and walk to Cheongdam Station. But, because we still need to visit a cafe at Apgujeong, then we turn left. Stop by KFC first to eat because it’s already lunch time. Then we decided to ride bus to back to Apgujeong Rodeo Street Station. Fortunately, some of us know how to read Hangeul. So I know how to read bus line. (But I forgot the bus number).

From Apgujeong, we ride subway to Chungmuro Station go out from exit 4. Once out from subway, you could see a lot of people in there. Yes, many people go to Namsangol Hanok Village. It’s Korean Traditional Village. You may consider it interesting to find this area standing between the tall buildings. This village has five restored traditional Korean houses and a pavilion, a pond and a time capsule, which make it a perfect spot to take a walk. 

When you enter the front gate, you will see the vast valley and the Chunugak building to the left of the pond. Along with the pond, it is a splendid place where performances are held.

cute kids, with hanbok

I saw an Ahjussi making Sandals. It’s interesting.

On the side you will see five traditional houses. These houses were rebuilt after the traditional houses of Joseon Dynasty and belong to those of various social classes, ranking from peasants to the king. The furniture in the house is situated to help guests understand the daily life of the past, and the clean, traditional houses and their antique items provide a great photo op.

If you would like to check out some souvenirs, stop by the traditional craftwork exhibit where you can buy small dishes and other items. You can also have traditional tea and refreshments.

On the grounds, there are traditional games you may try such as ‘neolttwigi’ (sea-saw jumping), ‘tuho'(arrow throwing) and ‘yunnori’ (traditional game of throwing wooden yut sticks).

Don’t forget to go see the traditional marriage ceremony! During the weekends, traditional marriages are shown at Bak Yeong Hyo’s Residence. The traditional marriage ceremony is an interesting event for both Koreans and foreigners and many gather to watch. During the winter season (November to February), there are not as many wedding ceremonies as held in the spring and fall. Weddings are typically held around noon or 1 p.m. and visitors can take pictures with the husband and wife wearing traditional wedding costumes. There is also a time capsule commemorating Seoul’s 600 Year Anniversary that was buried in 1994 and is scheduled to be reopened four hundred years later in 2394. Credit:

We can see Namsan Tower from here.

From Namsangol Hanok Village,  we go to Namsan Tower / N Seoul Tower. We will ride the cable car. So we go to Myeongdong Station exit 4, then until you see Pasific Hotel then took the right side and walk up to Namsan Cable Car.

Cable car return-trip fee cost W8.500/pax.

Once we arrive, we still have to climb for a while.

If you didn’t want to ride cable car, you can walk this road

Then we arrive at a big park, which sometimes there’s a performance in here.

Before we go to Observatory, we walk around the park. There’s a cafe and souvenir shop. There’s an upstair deck, this place is where you could put love lock.

You can buy the observatory entrance ticket in here. It cost W9.000/pax.

The observatory entrance located in the middle of the park, not the same as where you buy the ticket.

Once you are at observatory, you can see a very beautiful view of Seoul City.

There’s a cafe inside, and also candy shop and souvenir shop. You also can send a postcard from Namsan post. I try to send one, but because I wrote it using wrong ink pen, when I want to put it inside the red post office, the ink was spread. So I think it won’t arrive at home.

From observatory, we walk around the park in front of Namsan Tower. You can see the beautiful scene of Seoul city too in here.

It’s beautiful. We enjoy the view for a while. Then we go back to cable car. On the way back, we drop by a little food court and buy Twist Potato. It’s delicious. Too bad, the weather is more and more cold. When we eat the potato twist, firstly it’s hot. But in the end, the potato twist turn cold.

Then we go back to Myeongdong Station using cable car.

– N Seoul Tower Visitkorea
– Namsan Tower Cable Car
– Wikipedia

After finish visiting Namsan Tower, we go to Hongdae 홍대. Hongdae is the area in front of Hongik University. Also a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground cultures, and freedom of self-expression. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, fashion shops, live cafés and clubs, art markets, and gourmet eateries make this a popular hang-out for locals in their 20s and 30s and a fascinating place to walk around. 

Also in this same area is the ‘A ballerina who loves b-boy’ theater and other theaters dedicated to the art of b-boy dance. Another big draw of Hongdae is the weekend ‘Free market,’ (1pm to 6m) where artists gather each week to display and sell their handmade crafts and accessories. During the market time there are usually a variety of open-air concerts and events as well. 

These unique place plus the cultural events, street performances, and festivals held here make Hongdae-ap an area that is always packed with people and excitement. Special streets such as ateliers’ street (with full of private institutions for art students preparing for university entrance exams), Picasso’s Street, and Club Street are also must-go places if you’re hoping to fully experience the Hongdae area.

Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul-si 
서울 마포구 서교동 일대


Hongdae is a famous area for young. Because it’s in front of university, and there’s a lot of cafe and club in there. It is more lifely at night.

My friends wants to try Korean hairstyle, so she entering one of the haircut salon. It’s located at 3rd floor of a cafe. They can’t speak english, so my friends only choose the picture, and they do the job.

After finish, we walk around for a while then back to hotel. Next time, I came here, I will spend 1 day in here for culinary and walk around the universi


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