Pangandaran Beach D2 # West Java – Indonesia

Wake up at 04:00 to watch sunrise at East beach. Too bad, it’s cloudy, and the sunrise didn’t full.

The East beach side, there’s so many stan. You can sit and enjoy the scene.

After the sun was rise, we go back to hotel to eat breakfast. Then at 9 o’clock, we went to Citumang Body Rafting. I heard this place a few times, and some of my father’s friends have already went there and they said it’s so fun.

Me and my brother has meet some agent in the east beach, they said it cost IDR 100.000 if they book from Pangandaran. But we decided to see the location first, and book in there.

The journey took about 30-45 minutes. Don’t worry, there’s the sign of the place while on road, so you won’t get lost. The route was in the middle of the journey to Batu Hiu Beach.

Arrived there, there’s 2 car parking. The first one is where we go. It’s the finish point for the rafting. The 2nd one, is the start point. It cost IDR 75.000 if we directly book from the location. If your group less than 10 people, then they will give you 1 guide which also help you take picture. They are proffesional, I use my pocket camera which is not water resistant, but he can use it well without touch the water.

We have to walk approximately 1km barefoot. Then arrive at the 2nd car parking. There’s a sign “Welcome to Citumang Body Rafting”. Then we arrive at the cave. You can entering the cave, but it’s dark. We didn’t entering it, but only took picture in front of the cave.

The flow near the cave was really strong. They provided rope to help us.

The first obstacle is 3 meters waterfall. We have to jump in there. There’s no other way. Don’t worry, the buoy help you to floating. And the guide will take care of you.

There’s 3 waterfall. The first one approximately 3 meters. The 2nd and 3rd, only 1/2 meters. It’s fun, but after the 3rd waterfall, it started to boring. We only follow the flow until the irrigation part, then entering small river which there’s a thousand of little crab. It’s tickles. But it’s fun, especially if you came here with large group.

After almost 1 hour, our rafting end. Then we went back to Pangandaran.

In the afternoon, we go to the beach.

After play a while at the beach, then at 17:00 we go back to hotel.

At night, we stroll around to shopping, then back to hotel to sleep. Today is tiring day.


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