Lunch at Padthai Restaurant # Bangkok – Thailand

Our Thai Friends took us to eat Padthai, the original one. I’m really sorry I don’t know where it is, because we go there by car. It’s delicious, different with Padthai that we eat at Ruan Mai Loui Restaurant. The price is cheaper too.

There’s some kind of Omelet Padthai in here. Some with Oyster, some with Seafood, just order what is your taste.

This is the restaurant name, if you can read Thai, then you might be know where it is.
Is there someone that can translate it for me or maybe you know where it is?
Our drink cup, we will drink softdrink.
Advertiser, called “lalapan” at Indonesia.. 🙂
Padthai with shrimp
Omelet Padthai
It’s like “Gado-Gado”
Omelet Padthai
Omelet Padthai
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
The Chef

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