Sam Poo Kong Temple Semarang # Central Java – Indonesia

Sam Poo Kong (三宝洞), is the oldest temple in Semarang. Also well known as Gedung Batu Temple. Originally established by Chinese Muslim Explorer and now shared by Indonesians of multiple religious denominations including Muslims and Buddhist, and ethnicities including Chinese and Javanese.


We have to buy 2 kind of tickets to entering the temple. 1st is Temple’s park, which cost IDR 3.000 for local, and IDR 10.000 for foreigner. 2nd, is the Temple area which cost approx IDR 20.000 for local, and IDR 30.000 for foreigner. I’m not sure for the temple area ticket price, because when I went there, I just bought incense for IDR 10.000 per packs to pray inside the temple. We bought 3 packs for 5 people.

We can take picture, but only from the park, we can’t take picture inside the temple. And we have to take off our slippers / shoes before entering the temple.


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