Lawang Sewu Semarang # Central Java – Indonesia

Lawang Sewu, is a landmark in Semarang, Central Java. It called “Lawang Sewu” from Javanese which means “Thousand Doors”. The name comes from its design, with numerous doors and arc.

There’s 4 building in Lawang Sewu, the two main ones name A & B, and the other two smaller ones name C & D.

Lawang Sewu located at Pemuda Street, in front of Tugu Muda. It initially used by the Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij, the national railway of the Dutch East Indies. After the Japanese invaded Indonesia, the basement building B was turned to prison. And when Semarang retaken by the Dutch, the Dutch forces used the tunnel leading into A building to sneak into the city. A battle ensued, with numerous Indonesian fighters dying. It was later returned to National Railway Company after the Indonesian Army took over the complex.


The entrance ticket is IDR 10.000 and we need to be accompanied by a guide which cost IDR 30.000 for 1 group. You can choose Indonesian native guide or English one.

When we come to this building, the building A is closed due renovation. And we only entered building B. The guide tells us, Lawang Sewu has 350 door and many windows, but each door has 2 leaf door. So it has more than 1000 leaf door and windows.

There’s underground tunnel, but we didn’t dare to enter. Besides it is wet, and we have to rent a boot, everything is dark in there. Additional ticket required to entering the underground tunnel.


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