Trip to Tian’An Men 天安门 and Forbidden City 故宫 # Beijing – China

Today, my friends Pramono, RW and Dede invite me to join them take a trip to Tian’An Men 天安门 & Forbidden City 故宫 gugong. It’s only us four.

To go to Tian’An Men, you can ride subway, to Tian An Men station.

Once we came out from the subway, we will see Tian’An men Square. There’s Mao Zi Dong’s museum and also People’s monumen.

2008, the Olympiade will held in Beijing. So, there’s a countdown to the Olympiade time in the Tian An Men Square.

After take some photos at Tian’An Men Square, then we went to Tian’An Men Gate.

Then we enter the gate.

The main building has been renovated, for Olympiade preparation. So we can’t see it.

Then we enter the Forbidden City 故宫 gugong. It cost RMB 120 for tourists. But for students, there’s discount, and it only cost RMB 80 using Student Card 学生证 xueshengzheng. This is where the Royal Family stay. We can see some royal clothes, and utilities. And also some gift from other countries.

The Garden inside Forbidden City
Back side of Tian’An Men.


After roaming around Tian’An Men, we go back to the dorm. One of our friend, Via, inviting us to dinner at her apartment. She will cook for us. So, we go there, and join the others.


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