Class 212 Chinese Language UIBE # Beijing – China

Today, the result of class was come out. And I’m at 212 class. 2-1 means, intermediate level 1, and “2” means there’s two class for intermediate level 1 and I’m at 2nd class.

In my class, there’s only 2 Indonesian student, me and one friend from Jakarta. At first, I sit down besides Japanese student, Lingmu. He is shy, but nice. Then I also met some Korean friends, Nana & Guang Nan, and Thailand friends. Our theacher was kind and nice too.

We have 4 subject:

  • – 听力 *tingli* / listening,
  • – 精读 *jingdu* / Intensive Reading / Grammar,
  • – 阅读 *yuedu* / Reading,
  • – 口语 *kouyu* / Spoken Language.

We have 2 class each day, from Monday to Friday. The time was according to the schedule. Each class, has a break for 15 minutes.The class was fun. I can enjoy the Listening, Grammar and Speaking. But It’s hard to follow the reading, because the vocab was difficult and almost like news vocabulary.

But I like the class very much. My classmates was fun but competitive. But not too serious, we joking around, and always help each other.

I miss my 212 Class.. 🙂


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