There’s no undelicious Food in this world

Every people come from many countries, many culture and many taste. Sometimes, each of them has different kind of taste liking because what they usually eat in their hometown.

And for traveller, sometimes when we come to new country, we can’t adapt local food well and we accidentally said thay the food is not delicious.

Can you imagine, people who always eat sweet taste then suddenly come to a place with salty taste specially, sometimes they can’t adapt well. Especially elderly who lives in one place many years.

This is my opinion, there’s no undelicious food in this world. When people sell food, it means they will have special taste so that the food is eatable. Even tough sometimes the taste is crazy, but it still eatableand this is their speciality.

I have been in South East Asian and East Asian country most. Even tough I went to same Asian countries, but sometimes, you will have to eat same kind of food with different taste. At first, I will only choose kind of food that suitable my taste. But the longer I become traveller, I can’t avoid to eat some food that not my liking. After some time, it become a usual to me. You can’t eat your hometown soup in some small city in South Korea, you can’t eat same fried rice in Thailand. So you have to adapt it. Not in your liking doesn’t means it is not delicious.

Even in the same country, we can have different taste of food. When I went to east Indonesia, some of their speciality food has different taste with Java Island. At first, I will feel strange with the taste, but actually it’s delicious. If not, why the local sell it and why many people eat there?

So, when you eat something that isn’t your taste, you can say “this is your first time to eat this kind of taste so you are not very fond of it”. And try to think the food taste instead think other food taste, then you can feel the speciality of the food. (For example, when you eat fried rice, don’t think fried chicken).

If you are able to do it, then you could travel comfortably.. Eventough not all the food you think it’s edible, but for some people, it’s edible and even become favourite.

1st raw abalone that I try and I think no more 2nd 3rd etc..

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