Curug Delimas, Windusari, Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

August 19, 2020


Delimas is a attraction place near Girimulyo Village, Windusari District, Magelang Regency. Located at Mount Sumbing Slope, this place has altitude approximately 1200 above sea level.

From the car parking, to go to the waterfall, you need to walk about 15-30 minutes (based on your stamina). The path to go to waterfall is going down, so sometimes when it’s raining season, it could be slippery. But the scenery is very beautiful.

Near the car parking, the local made a selfie place. So, if you think it’s hard to go to the waterfall area, you can take selfie in this place.

We come in the morning around 06:00, the sky is very clear and the sun is shine brightly. But when we are going home, foggie replace the blue sky, so we can’t see anything.


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