Svargabumi Borobudur Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

August 15, 2020


There’s a new selfie place near Borobudur Temple, it’s called Svargabumi. This place is unique, because it’s located in the middle of rice fields.

I heard that there’s a cooperation between the investor and the farmer, and it’s beneficial.

Nowadays, many people like to selfie and update in social media. So I think, this place is a must visit place when you come to Central Java / Yogyakarta.

With ticket entrance fee IDR 25.000 for adult, you can take many selfies. The staff in there can help you to take picture too and they know the good angle to take photos.

This place has large car parking.

From Magelang City, go to Borobudur Temple direction. And once you come to threesection near Borobudur Temple Entrance, turn left. Then the first intersection, turn right. This place located before Balkondes Borobudur. Go in from the large field. Usually, there’s staff that are in the front.

As usual, because it’s a new habit, so the staff check our temperature and we have to wash our hands. Don’t forget to wear mask when you are near other people and always keep the distance. That’s why, we decided to visit this place on Saturday Morning, because they are open at 06:30 on weekend. And there’s no people in there at that time.


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