Can I Travelling now?

After stay at home for about 2 – 3 months, I’m sure everyone is missing travelling. Eventough some country has already back to “Normal” but for International border, I think still need more time to back to “Normal”.

Even in my country, we can’t really live “Normally”, we still need to wear mask, physical distancing, bring our own hand sanitizer and always wash our hands, try to not to gathering with many people.

For someone who work in travel agency and like travelling, I’m very curious, can I back to travelling again? Many people ask me about this too.

I’m sure we can, even only inside Indonesia (domestic). But we have to prepare many documents to be able to travelling and also we have to take PCR / Rapid test which we have to extra pay for this. And the test only valid for certain time, which means in the destination trip, we have to take the test too to be able go back home.

How about travelling to outside Indonesia?

Nowadays, many Country has tighten their international border because they are afraid if they got imported case. For some country that already report there’s no any case for the last 2-3 weeks, suddenly appear new case which some of them are imported case. For example: Beijing China and New Zealand.

I heard that Singapore still close their border for short term tourists except China, and Malaysia still close their border too and on discussing to open special case, and one of them for medical tourism.


Malaysia Conference (June 19, 2020)

Do you think it’s worth to travelling now just because you missed them already, and willing to prepare all the documents and procedure? Have you ever thought if when you come back you might bring any virus that endanger you family? Is it really worth it?

Why not wait a little longer until everything is settled? I know that we might live with the virus, but I think all country is looking for a good solution. Tourism is one of each country biggest income and I’m sure they will try to looking for good solution for this.

Yesterday, I read the news that Candidate vaccine has shown to be safe and effective in the first two phase of clinical trial.


Actually, 2-3 months is not a big deal to not travelling, but 2-3 months without going to mall or hangout to cafe is really a big deal. All of my friends has already bored at home and some ot them already come out to gathering. Of course, we choose our friends who we wants to hangout.

So far, I only went to supermarket to buy daily needs and 1 times went to mall to buy dinner. My city itself, has already no-additional case for a while. But outside there, there’s so many new case. And I think we still have to shield ourselves. Especially when I live with my parents, so I have to be extra careful. And even their immunity is good, but they are already senior. Even me as an adult, didn’t know how is my own conditions. We feel healthy, but we really don’t know

Let’s prepare ourselves to welcoming the new life, new normal, and new habit where we go everywhere using mask, physical distancing and always clean our hands. So when the time arrive, we are able to adapt easily.

Stay healthy and happy blogging… Let’s hope we can easily travelling soon..


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