Blessing In Seoul Hotel near Dongdaemun # South Korea

We move to other hotel today. The hotel name is Blessing in Seoul. It’s budget hotel and nice, but unfortunately, the location is a little far away from subway station. From Phil House, we ride taxi.

Blessing in Seoul
2-7 Cheongnyang-ni-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea

The hotel is nice, it’s a budget hotel. And the receptionist when we arrive is so kind. He really help us. We still can’t check-in that time, so he said that he will help us to put our luggage on our room once the check-in time allowed.

Unfortunately, the hotel locations is far away from subway. Walk took 20 minutes to Hoegi Station, and this is the closest station to Kyunghee University and University of Seoul.

So there’s so many students in there and also shopping street, restaurant and cafe.


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