Pangandaran Beach D3 # West Java – Indonesia

Day 3 in Pangandaran, We have a sour body because of yesterday’s body rafting. That’s why we woke up late and missed the sunrise moment.

Today, we plan to explore the Recreation Park and Nature Reserve until the white sand beach then went back by boat. The entrance just right in the left of the hotel. But when we walk to there, there’s a local people who rent boat, give us advance to enter the reserve from white sand beach because the difference cost. If we go to the Reserve first then ride the boat, the Reserve entrance ticket will cost IDR 7.000/person. But if we ride the boat first then entering the Reserve, the entrance ticket will cost only IDR 2.000/person.

So, we decided to ride the boat first. At the morning, the sea tide is high, and it reach out the beach. But the waves was so calm.

If you ride the boat at Pangandaran, the boat renter will always give you offer to do some activity, for example watch what inside the middle of sea, go to white sand beach, and also go surround the Reserve to see Japan Cave. My father said, he has gone surround the Reserve to see Japan cave before with his friends, and the wave was too high. Almost 1.5 metres.

We only ride the boat until the white sand beach, which cost IDR 50.000/boat. Then from there, we entering Nature Reserve.

white sand beach in the morning

There’s so many monkey inside the Nature Reserve. Becareful with your belonging. Don’t hold your fist, because it sign if you have any food. And the monkey will come to you to ask for food. Just open your hand, and show the monkey that you didn’t have anything.

After walk around 5 minutes, there’s a guard that sell the entrance ticket.

You can see the Japan cave inside the Reserve. I found two of them. I don’t know how many of them inside there, but I’m sure it’s a lot.

There’s a bridge inside the Nature Reserve, which connect white sand beach area and Pangandaran beach. We can see the the River Mouth below the bridge

It’s kinday creepy, walking inside the Nature reserve, like walking in wild forest.. XD

After approximately 1 hour, we arrive at the west
entrance near our hotel. There’s 2 entrance/exit, west entrance and east enrance. East entrance located near East Beach Pangandaran.

Then we walk back to hotel and prepare to eat lunch. After eat lunch, while on the way back to hotel, we see the fisherman started to pull the fish net. It’s so fun to watch them. At first the will ride the boat to the middle of the ocean, to spread the fish net.

I don’t know how long will they let the fish net inside the ocean. But after the time determine, they will pull it. At first, the will pull it from the two side.

Then until some point, they will put the fish net together, and pull it together.Then until some point, they will put the fish net together, and pull it together.

this is what Fisherman got

After watch how fisherman pull their fish net, then we go back to Hotel. Me and my brother decided to ride Odong-Odong. You can rent it, there’s so many of it in here.

We rent the one in front of our hotel.

It’s fun, but tiring. 1 hour rent, cost IDR 50.000. We only rent it for 1 hour, because riding it was too tiring XD

After take a rest, then we go to the beach again. We eat coconut and enjoy the scene in the evening.

Then we rent surfboard, and play in the water.

It’s fun, and tiring. At first, it’s hard to using surfboard, but if you know how to used it, then you can surf smoothly. We really enjoy it.

The Odong-Odong, at night was full of light.


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