Singapore with Mom and Aunty D1 # Singapore

his time, I will be a guide for my mom and aunty. They will roaming aroung Singapore using public transport and walking.

Woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning, and prepare to go to Adisucipto International Airport Yogyakarta ( at 04:30. At 05:30, we arrive at the airport, then go to Check-In Counter to drop baggage.

We fly by Airasia.

Then we wait until 6 o’clock for pay the airporttax which cost IDR 100.000 for international departure from Yogyakarta, and also for the immigration procedure.

At 6 o’clock, the gate open, then we queue for immigration procedure. Then we wait for the boarding.

At 06:55 boarding time.

At 10:15 (Singapore time), we arrived at Changi International Airport 1st Terminal. After pass the immigration procedure and get our luggage, we rode taxi.

The taxi driver really attractive. He like to talking and really kind. He told us about the famous food street near the hotel. We stay at V Hotel Lavender ( The taxi cost approximately 18 SGD from Changi International Airport to Hotel.

Because we arrived early than check-in time, so the receptionist didn’t allow us to enter the room. You have to pay charge for early check-in or late check-out. But we have already got our room number. Just take the key when check-in time. So we decided to keep our luggage first. The hotel lobby was so crowded, there’s so many people stay in there. And in the lobby, there’s so many luggage rack, which available for those who wants to keep their luggage first because not check-in time yet or after check-out but still wants to strolling around.

We book for triple room. It’s quiet small for those who like large room. But for us, it’s comfortable enough. The room is clean.

After drop our luggage in the room, we start our journey at Singapore.
First destination for today is Snow City. Our hotel located near MRT Lavender. I plan to bought Singapore Tourist Pass ( for 3 days which cost 30 SGD (20 SGD for the card, and 10 SGD for deposit which you can get the refund before 5 days after you buy). You can use the card to ride MRT, LRT and also bus for free for 3 day. The ticket office open at 12:00 at Lavender MRT. So we decided to eat lunch at Kopitiam, behind the hotel, in front of elevator to MRT station.

After eating lunch, and buy Singapore Tourist pass, we start our journey. To go to Snow City (, we need to stop at MRT Jurong East then go to Bus Interchange to continue with bus no 335 and  stop right at Singapore Science Centre Station.

Once you get out from bus, just turn right and walk for 1 minutes. The snow city building right in the next Singapore Science Centre.

I took the wrong direction, which lead us to entering Singapore Science Centre. But there’s the direction to snow city, so we just follow the direction.

Finally, we arrived at Snow City Building. We bought the ticket for 1 hour play which cost 15 SGD/each include jacket and shoes. And we also rent gloves (2,1 SGD/each) because they said inside was -5 to -8 Celcious Degree.

You can’t bring camera inside. But they help you to took the photos, and if you want, you can buy it at the counter. There’s ice sliding and also snow home. And you can play sliding at the snow by tires. After tired with playing, then we come out and take rest at the small cafe inside the building.

Then we rode bus 335 again, to Chinese and Japanese Garden (,_Singapore), which took 2 station from Snow City. We stop right in front of MRT Chinese Garden. Many people come here to take a walk and enjoy the scenery. Some people came here for jogging.

There’s two part of garden, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. Once you arrive in there, turn left for Japanese Garden, and turn right to Chinese Garden.

Chinese Garden area are larger than Japanese Garden.

Then we rode MRT to Choa Chu Kang MRT. We have to change line at Jurong East MRT from line green to line red. At first, we plan to drop by Jurong Capital Mall. But because the mall located accross the road, so we decided to directly go to Choa Chu Kang MRT. And we eat dinner at Food Junction Choa Chu Kang Capital Mall while spend the time because Night Safari open at 19:00. Dinner menu: Ayam Penyet, Noodle and Teokbuki. Drink menu: Ribena Juice, Hot Tea and Orange Juice.

At 18:00 we go to Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange, and rode bus no 927 to Night Safari. There’s 19 stop from Choa Chu Kang to the zoo. You will see the entrance from the bus stop, so it’s easy to go there without passed the bus station.

Actually, there’s some way to go to Night Safari. You can buy Duck and Hippo pass ( to wildlife tour which available at Safari Gate at Suntec City Mall Tower 5 (stop at MRT Esplanade or MRT Promenade). Or you can use SAEX bus hop from some stop point, just choose which area you want to start. ( Just watch out the bus schedule.

We have to wait for a while before the Night Safari open, and there’s a cafetaria, name Bongo, where we can eat and sit while waiting. While waiting, I bought Bongo Fries and mineral water.

At 18:45, there’s a show in the outside the gate. You can enjoy it first. Then at 19:00, the gate is open. I booked the ticket online because there’s discount 10%. You can buy it at You can used the ticket 29 days from the date you choose.

At 19:30, there’s a show. I suggest once you came here, watch the show first. Don’t forget took Night Safari Brochure. Once you entering the Night Safari Gate, just turn right and follow the “show” sign. No flash for camera, so just set your ISO to the highest.

The show took approximately 15-20 minutes. Once you finished, then you can queue to rode the tram. The tram queue available in front of Night Safari Entrance. You will see a lot of people queue in there.

You can enjoy the night scene with the animal environment while rode the tram.

The tram ride took almost more than 1 hour. Once we finished, we decided to go back to hotel. I suggest we used SAEX bus, which will take schedule at 21:45 to Lavender. So we buy the ticket, and waiting at the bus station.

It took approximately 30 minutes to Lavender. And it stop right the opposite of V Hotel Lavender.

Time to take a rest for the next day. Good Night..


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