Guangzhou 广州 Shopping Trip # Guangdong – China

Our plan in Guangzhou is for shopping and learn to buy things from Guangzhou. At this time, buy things from China is really popular and I want to learn how to import from Guangzhou.

I have a friend that study in Guangzhou. Before, he study Chinese in Beijing for 1 semester then move to Guangzhou because he wants to learn about business import in there. So he will take us to touring. We stay in his dormitory too, because they offer 1 day rate just like hotel and it’s suitable our budget.

We walk around Haizhu Square 海珠广场 and see some interesting place too.

source: Haizhu Square wikipedia

There are many cute stuff in there which you can use as souvenir and when you ask the price to the seller, they will ask you back, “how many do you want to buy?” Yes, because the more you buy, they will give you cheaper price.

We also walk around there and see this cathedral, Sacred Heart Cathedral.

source: Sacred Heart Cathedral wikipedia

Then my friend bring us to a bar cafe. If you like to enjoy jazz music, you will love here. Too bad, I forgot the bar name.


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