Desert 沙漠 # Inner Mongolia – China

We will play in the desert for a day. The desert location only in the behind of the hotels. We have to use special shoes so that the sand won’t get in to our shoes.

We ride the cable car to the midle of the desert and they give us the special shoes.

Do you know the most interesting to play in the desert? It’s sliding down race in the sand XD.

And also, going up in the sand, it took so much energy XD.

Then we saw this camel and some of us wants to ride it. So we decided to part while the other will walk around to explore.

Actually, because it’s desert and the sun shines brightly, if you want to explore more then I suggest you ride the camel. We can explore very far away and we can see this beautiful sand sculpture.

We ride the camel until the lake. And then we go back. The sun right above us and it’s very hot.

Then we go back to Beijing by tour bus. The trip is ended.


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