Grassland 草原 # Inner Mongolia – China

The particularity of its geographical position has endowed Inner Mongolia with rich tourist resources. Located at an average height of over 1,000 meters above sea level, Inner Mongolia is fascinating for its unique natural landscape.

In the west, vast deserts extend throughout the area. There are famous deserts like Badanjilin Desert, Tenger Desert and Resonant Sand Bay (Xiang Sha Wan). Some famous lakes are located in the northwest, such as Hulun Lake and Lake Bell. There are large areas of grassland and desert all over the region. The grassland in the north is among the best in China. There are also vast plains and grasslands in the east. 

Credit: here

We are very lucky because we stay at Mongolian Yurt. And because we can’t sleep, we wake up very early and happens to see this beautiful sunrise in grassland.

Then after breakfast, we go explore the grassland.

For tourists who have lived for a long time in cities, it would be an especially wonderful thing to enjoy the prairie landscape there. The clear and bright sky, the extensive and magnificent grassland, the fresh air and the flocks of cattle and sheep present tourists with a refreshing scene.

We also has a chance to riding the horse. And I don’t like it because I feel very small on the horse, and I think the horse think I’m very light so it didn’t feel any burden and it runs faster. It’s scary actually haha.. I feel I’m gonna fall from the horse.

The guide take us until local’s host in the middle of grassland and they share their story about grassland. And they also offer us Horse Milk (it taste plain).

Then after that, we go back to the Mongolian Yurt to continue to the next destination, desert.

The sunset in Inner Mongolia is beautiful too. I took the photos from the bus, on the way to hotel.

Our hotel happens to be in front of the desert and it’s a good hotel so we can take a bath and refreshing.


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