Long Qing Xia 龙庆峡 # Beijing – China

It’s summer holiday. My friend suggest us to join tour to Long Qing Xia 龙庆峡. Long Qing Xia 龙庆峡 is located in north west of Beijing-Yanqing county, just north of the Great Wall at Badaling and 80 kilometers (50 miles) from downtown Beijing. We join a tour group.

It took about 2 hours by bus to go to there and we can see Badaling Greatwall on the way there.

Long Qing Xia 龙庆峡, often called Long Qing Xia Gorge. The gorge, reputed to be the “Little Three Gorges”, features clear water, wooded mountains, and wonderful karst caves. The gorge’s main attractions are the Longqing Gorge Cruise, Baihua (hundred Flowers) Cave, and the Shenxianyuan (Immortal) and Jingang temples. Near the entrance, a grand waterfall plummets down 50 meters (164 feet) from the dam above. A long, dragon-shaped escalator carries visitors to the dam, where the cruise begins. On both sides, eerie mountains and strange formations inspire visitors’ imaginations as they have for centuries. You can marvel at the huge, natural Buddha stone and a hill rising from the water like a great bell. Another hill, named Fengguan (Phoenix Coronet) Isle, is considered the symbol of the gorge. Fengguan is surrounded on three sides by water and closed off by high mountains on the fourth. (credit)

Then we write the cruise, Long Qing Gorge Cruise. Along the cruise, we can see the mountain, and some attraction such as Buggee Jumping.

Then we will ride Cable Car.

And walk around.

We are walk in the peak, so we can see the view from uphill. After walk along the path, we go back to the entrance.

This place is beautiful, too bad when I go there it’s cloudy and no blue sky. When you visit this place on summer, it’s not feel hot at all, it’s cool because many garden in there. And this place is not far from Beijing so very suitable for one day trip.


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