How to live inside the Social Media

Social Media: Friendster, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, Twitter, and many many more.. Nowadays, we live in a small world, which could comunicated and keep update about our daily life, and it’s called Social Media.

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At first, we saw something magic, something that can easily connect us to daily life, which we can easily keep in touch with someone far away.

But recently, I saw that social media is not a place to keep in touch anymore but to spread malicious comment, and even spread rumour and fake news / hoax. And I am really sad about this.

Especially during 2020 when Corona Virus Disease 2019 spread in the world.

A lot of hoax / fake news, fulfiling the social media especially whatsapp. And makes many people afraid and has negative stigma without knowing which is right and which is wrong.

When Corona begin to appear in this world, I begin to sorting which news is fake and which is right. Because, some people didn’t know how to looking for the fact and just believe for what they got, and it’s dangerous. Really… So I try to help them to give clarification about it.

In this pandemi global, the most things that we could do is helping others to give positive vibe. And make negative vibe be less and less more.. People always easily to have negative stigma over something. I remember when the corona spread in my country for the first time, many people sunbathing at 10 o’clock, and drink some ginger, temulawak, etc.

But now, most of them has already forgot about this. See, they just trigerred at first, but then they forgot about it slowly.

I also see some malicious comment in some social media, not only for stars or important people, but also for ordinary people. You know, it’s very easy to say some malicious comment, the hard things is how to responsible about what you said.

As a traveller, I have receive some bad comments, and critics too. And at first, I got a headache and stress over it. But, someone said to me, why did you listen to them? As long as you are not like what they said, ignore them. This is your life and not them. If they want to comment, it’s their business.

And I think this is very true. Why we wants to satisfied others with their comment, they are they, and I am me.

I’m sure as long as you won’t respond to it, then they will be gone along with the time. It just a matter of time.

There’s a chinese proverb / 成语:

A Half-filled bottle makes noise, while a full bottle makes none

People are very limited in their vision and not aware of what is happening around them or to the subjects that they are so opinionated about are very loud. They stand out. They make sure they are heard. They will not rest until you believe that their opinion is right. It is like a half-filled bottle make noise.

A half-filled bottle equals someone who just doesn’t have a lot of information and is very limited in their perception and awareness. A full bottle equals someone who has a lot of information and can see situations from all perspectives and come to a reasonable conclusion because of it.

The people who are working on building their knowledge, expanding their awareness, and growing in a positive way, don’t have time to shout out their opinions from the rooftop. They are busy trying to make their life and the world a better place. Credit

And my opinion, if you wants to stand in social media without getting hurt, try to ignore those fake news and malicious comment. They are not worth to us. And choose the criticize wisely, not all criticize suitable our life, just ignore it if you think it’s didn’t suitable you, and receive it with grace if you think it could make you have a better life without changing your original.

If you responds to those fake news and malicious comment, then those who spread it will be very happy, because you got the bait. What for? It won’t give us any profit, and we will feel awful, and this could affect those who beside us (family and friends).

So, don’t respond to them. Live your life like what you wants.

Time is moving. We can’t stop here just to thinking all in the past. We have to move on, let the past be our base, to do the best today, for the better future. 一起加油!!

Everything happens for a reason and We can make it if we are together….


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