Ruan Mai Loui Carrefour Ratchada # Bangkok – Thailand

We decided to eat dinner at surround. Try to browsing from Triposo Application, and found Sombon Seafood. It located at Huaykwang MRT exit 3. When we found it, the queue is too long, we already starving. At the same time, our Thai friend called. And she ask us to walk until Big C Hypermart (walk along Ratchadapisek Road, with Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 direction).

We ate inside Big C Extra Ratchada, Din Daeng. The restaurant name is Ruan Mae Loui And we found Sataw, or Petai. The restaurant quiet expensive. And actually not too delicious. For me is OK.

After eating, we go to night market beside Big C Hypermart and Esplanade (only 5 minute by car) and buy some snack and drink. Then go home, to resting.

The restaurant Foursquare: ttps://


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