Trip to Beidaihe Seaside Scenic Area 北戴河风景区, Qinhuang City 秦皇市 D1 # Hebei – China

It’s another weekend. We decided to go to the beach and one of my friends suggest to go to Beidaihe Scenic Area 北戴河风景区 beidaihe fengjing qu.

Beidaihe Scenic Area 北戴河风景区 (travel china guide) is a famous summer resort. It is located in the southwest of Qinhuangdao 秦皇岛 City. Its coastline, seaside attractions and convenient transportation all make it a popular destination for travelers. The region around Qinhuangdao 秦皇岛has a temperate climate, with a monsoon cycle and four distinct seasons. It is neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in winter. On average, there are only about 8 days a year when temperatures reach 86F or higher. The lowest average temperatures rarely reach below 50F, even in the winter, thanks to the Bohai Sea currents. This makes Beidaihe 北戴河 convenient to visit year-round, although the best times to visit are from May to October.

We go there by train, I’m sorry I forgot the train timetable in that time. I just remember we need 4-5 hours to go there. We buy the ticket go show. We are 11 people.

We plan to go back on 3rd June morning, but it’s full. Only there’s about 5 seat. So some of my friends go back first, then the rest will go back at 3rd June night.

Arrive at Beidaihe, we eat lunch first, and of course we plan to eat seafood. Beach means seafood time.

Then we go to the beach. Too bad, it has a bad weather so no sunshine and cloudy. We can’t go to the beach too because the weather is bad, and the wave is big.

At night, we go around the city and it’s beautiful. Then back to hotel to rest. Some of us have to sleep early because have to go to train station in early morning.

But, one of my friend get drunk and disturb all of us. She has some problem so withour our notice, she drink a lot of beer.

So some of girl team who need to go back early, sleep in other room. And I have to sleep in the same room with the drunk girl, to control her. Hais… But that’s the friend are for, hope she will get better in the next morning. Even tough I can’t sleep enough.


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