Survey Job (1) – Nusaresearch

I have known this survey online job for a long time but I know Nusa Research since earlier 2020. This online job, is one of online job that can help you to got additional income by complete the survey. This Nusa Research is based in Indonesia, and mostly the survey is Indonesia.

If you have interested to join, open this website: Nusa Research.

You will see this to Sign Up. You can Sign Up by Facebook, Google, or Line, or you can enter your email and password if you didn’t want to link the Nusa Research to your social media.

I’m using my email address to sign up. So when I confirm, then they will send OTP to my phone number and you will got SMS. Enter your verification code to the required box. Then confirm your phone number.

Then you will direct to the new form, fulfil the form with your identity. And also you will got en email about your sign up. Don’t forget to fullfil your basic profile.

Don’t forget click the notifications sign on left above side, which said “Please Verify your email”. Click and you have to verification your email. And they will send verification email and activate it by click the link inside.

Once you succeed to verify your email, you will got notice that you have joined Nusa Research.

Now you can start to earn money. Remember, don’t take this as your main job because the survey is not all able to earn point. But at least, I can top up my phone with this.

In Survey List, sometimes there is no survey available. But, when in Private survey and public survey has a new survey, those two columns is the survey that can you earn point. And you can change your point each 500pt to paypal, phone number, etc.

This is good to fill our spare time. You only need no more than 30 minutes to open this website and doing some survey. Good Luck!

Join Now! –> Nusa Research


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