No matter what you do, some people might see you from different perspective

We live in the world which has more than 7 billion people in this world and we have many different attitude, and many different culture.

Let’s just see the people around us.

Sometimes, when you do something that you think it is good, but not all people see what you do as a good things. Even some people think contrary from what we are thinking.

For example, When a big boss that has already succeed and his wealthy able to live until 7 generations, he started to stop working. He thought that it’s time to take care his parents that already senior and give them best service as a child. But some people might think different. There’s some people who think that his company bankrupted, or he is arrogant, just because he has enough money so he won’t continue to work and have fun instead.

Another example, there’s a couple husband and wife, they live happily. And has 2 children. The husband has a steady work and the wife is a good housewife and mother. Many people envy them because the husband really love their family. Until one time, wife’s friend come and hangout with the wife, and one of them said, do you not afraid if your husband got an affair? Because he’s too lovely to you. And then the wife started to have a doubt, and everytime the husband come back from work, she always interogatted him about what is he doing the entire day. At first, the husband think that the wife only wants to pay attention to his life. But becaue this thing done by many times, he started to feel disturbed and they started to argue.

This is what make some people, have a sudden change in their life. I think this is logic, when people said something about you and you are influenced by them, then your life will be change 100%.

The most important thing is how we behave to some people’s said. People can said anything about us, but it’s up to us how to respond to their said.

This is where we are tested, we want to be ourselves, or want to be other’s selves. If we insist to be ourselves, then what other said to us is just something that passing by. But if we listen to what other said and change ourselves, then we become other’s selves, because what we become is influenced by others and not because we are willing too. And if those people wants you to be broken, then they are succeed.

As a person, we have to be able to believe in ourselves. If what we do is right, then we don’t have to hear what other people said. This is our life, and not other. Eventough we can’t prohibit other’s to talk but we can ignore them.

Criticism VS Gossip

Criticism: The expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes; The analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work.

Gossip: a mass medium or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others; the act is also known as dishing or tattling.

For Criticism, if we think it is right and can be benefit to our life, we can use the criticize to improve ourselves to become a better person. But Gossip is just rumor and it might not entirely true. So, we are better to not trust any Gossip or Rumor.

So, no matter what people said, it’s still up to you wants to be yourself, or wants to be other’s selves. Still it’s us who make decision and not others. And the result is based on what we choose. So don’t blame others, when you choose to follow others, because you have a chance to not follow them. And it’s hard, really, me myself also realize this that it’s hard to not follow others, because sometimes our action is based on what other’s see us. But slowly, we will realize this and think before act. Actually, it doesn’t matter, even when others will see us as dumb, or stupid, because it’s our own life. Why should other’s opinion matter? As long as we work hard to achieve what we want to achieve, and always do the right thing, we will be a better person. And sure, we will become happier than before.

人生很短,不要把时间浪费在讨厌你的人身上,喜欢别人的时间还不够呢。– 肖战

Life is Short, Don’t waste time on people who hate you, Even The time is not enough for liking others. — Xiao Zhan


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