Movie :: Miss Peregrine’s: Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

– Wikipedia

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a 2016 American fantasy film directed by Tim Burton, and written by Jane Goldman, based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Ransom Riggs. The film stars Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Chris O’Dowd, Allison Janney, Rupert Everett, Terence Stamp, Ella Purnell, Judi Dench and Samuel L. Jackson.

For years, Abraham “Abe” Portman (Terence Stamp) has told stories to his teen-aged grandson, Jacob “Jake” Portman (Asa Butterfield) about his childhood battling gruesome monsters and spending part of the war years living at “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, located off the coast of Wales. The adolescent residents of the home, along with their headmistress, Miss Alma Peregrine (Eva Green), possess unique abilities and are known as “Peculiars.”

When Jake receives a frantic phone call from his grandfather, he and his supervisor, Shelly (O-Lan Jones) rush to his grandfather’s home. They arrive to find the house trashed. In the woods behind the house, Jake finds his dying grandfather, without eyes, who frantically tells Jake to find “the bird, the loop and September 3, 1943”. As Jake looks up he sees a gigantic creature creeping up behind Shelly. She turns and shoots her pistol into thin air at Jake’s warning.

Jake begins seeing Dr. Golan (Allison Janney), a psychiatrist, who says it is not unnatural for Jake to hallucinate about the horrific creatures from his grandfather’s stories as a result of his grief. At his surprise birthday party, Jake’s Aunt Susie (Jennifer Jarackas) gives him his grandfather’s gift: a book containing a letter from Miss Peregrine from two years earlier.

After discovering that his grandfather’s stories may be real, Jake and his father, Franklin (Chris O’Dowd), travel to Wales. Jake explores the island and finds an old house that was destroyed during a World War II Luftwaffe raid. As he explores, the Peculiar Children from Abe’s stories greet him. Jake flees the cave he had entered. Back at the hotel, the people are now dressed in 1940s clothing. They accuse Jake of being a German spy and start to fight him when plates and cups start flying around, allowing the Peculiar Children to help Jake escape. It turned out the dishes were actually thrown by one of the Peculiar Children he met earlier, an undressed invisible Millard Nuggins (Cameron King).
They take him to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, where Miss Peregrine greets him. She explains that they live in within a time loop permanently set to September 3, 1943. Jake learns a super-strong child named Victor Buntley (Louis Davinson) lived at the home until he was killed by a monstrous creature known as a Hollowgast, or “Hollow”, creatures that are led by Mr. Barron (Samuel L. Jackson), a Wight. Barron and his Wight and Hollow minions are kidnaping the guardians of Peculiar Children, known as “Ymbrynes”, such as Miss Peregrine, from their time loops so they can consume their childrens’ eyes in hopes of regaining their humanity. Jake discovers that he is a Peculiar; one of the few people who can see Hollows–an ability shared by his grandfather. At the end of the day, Jake and Emma Bloom (Ella Purnell), a light-as-a-feather aerokinetic teenager who can manipulate air and create liquid bubbles and who is Abe’s love interest, walks him to the time loop cave just as another Ymbryne, Miss Avocet (Judi Dench) in her avocet bird form, flies into them. Emma takes her to the children’s home to be nursed back to health.

After Jake is accused of massacring a blind old man on a wheelchair (which, he also lost his eyes), he flees to the cave. An ornithologist (Rupert Everett) follows him, and transforms into Dr. Golan, then reveals himself to be Mr. Barron. He was trying to get information about Miss Peregrine from Abe, but his Hollow minion killed Abe before he could answer. Barron forcibly escorts Jake to the children’s home, where he demands that Miss Peregrine return to his loop with him in her peregrine falcon form. Fearing for the safety of her children, she does as told, leaving Miss Avocet behind to care for the Peculiar Children. The children learn that a Hollow is on its way for their eyeballs and begin barricading their home. As they arm themselves, Miss Avocet is killed by the invading Hollow. The children escape the Hollow just as the bombing raid arrives. The bomb kills the Hollow and destroys the house, closing the time loop. Now stuck in this present time, Emma guides Jack and the children to a sunken cruise liner, where they formulate a plan to rescue Miss Peregrine and the other Ymbrynes from Mr. Barron and his minions. Emma raises the ship to the surface, and the children set sail for the time loop (that Miss Avocet created) where Barron’s lair is located—a seaside carnival in Blackpool, England half a year before the present. As the children enter the loop (risking to be aged or death if their twenty-four hour loop expires in this time period), they use their peculiarities in an epic battle to subdue the Hollows, and also Mr. Clark (Jack Brady) and Mr. Archer (Philip Philmar) (two of the Wights), as the children are joined by an undead skeleton army from the ship led by necromancer Enoch O’Connor (Finlay MacMillan).

They then go into the circus ring, where Barron and his remaining Wights are waiting for the Hollows and the rest of them to return. While the kids fend them off, Jake and Emma rush off to rescue the Ymbrynes. Emma holds off Barron with a gust of wind she keeps blowing towards him, giving Jake a chance to free the Ymbrynes. Emma runs out of breath just as Enoch and his longtime love interest pyrokinetic Olive Abroholos Elephanta, arrive. They find the door busted in, and rush in to find two Jakes–one of whom is Barron in disguise. As they argue who is the real Jake, Enoch is willing to shoot them both. The real Jake mockingly says that he has an ability he has but which Barron lacks. As the last Hollow approaches them and Barron realizes too late what was happening, the Hollow kills Barron before being itself killed by Jake. As the children finish off Barron’s remaining henchmen, Miss Peregrine and the Ymbrynes are freed. The children bid goodbye to Jake, who promises to find them once again after returning home.

As Jake returns to Florida in the present world, his grandfather is alive and well. Jake relates his adventures to Abe. Abe gives Jake the same book gifted to him earlier. Inside, Jake discovers international currency and maps of time loops all over the world. His grandfather instructs him to travel through as many international loops as he needs to locate the Peculiar Children. As he rejoins them on the ship, Miss Peregrine (in her peregrine falcon form) follows them in their ship as they look for another time loop.


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