Petai with Scrambled Egg and Fried Fish (Bandeng)

Today, it's our cooking day. Me and my sister-in-law decided to make Petai with Scrambled Egg and Fried Fish. The recipe is from my mom. Petai with Scrambled Egg Fried Fish (Bandeng)

Movie :: Deadpool (2016)

Credit:- Deadpool is a 2016 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is the eighth installment of the X-Men film series. It is directed by Tim Miller. Written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the film stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T. J. Miller, Gina Carano, … Continue reading Movie :: Deadpool (2016)

R&B Steak (3) Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Today, we eat at R&B Steak again. It's been a long time I didn't come here. Hot Tea Lamb Chop This time, they have a delicious one.

Chitato Mie Goreng

Fried Noodle instant from Indomie, is very famous. And Chitato is potato snack that a lot of people like. So they combine their taste, and become Chitato with Fried Noodle Taste. When the rumour start, a lot of people wants to try it. And finally, they publish it. Credit:-

Kupat Tahu Pak Pangat Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Credit:- Kabar Magelang- Wisata Kuliner

Hakka Gathering at Grand Pasific Hall 2016 # Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Every year, we have Hakka Yogya Gathering. The gathering dinner, located at Grand Pasific Hall Yogyakarta. Steamed Bun Kongpao Chicken

The Cabin Coffee Bar (2) Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

Hangout time, at The Cabin Coffee Bar while celebrating Valentine's Day with friends.

Gorengan / All About Fried

Gorengan, or in english, is all about fried, is some Indonesian snack that very famous, and could be eaten anytime. Usually, it's Tempe and Tahu that have been fried. With special flour-made, it's really crispy and make us want to eat it again and again.

Choco Mille Crepe

I got the recipe from here:, it's Purple Mille Crepe, but I change the purple yam, into cocoa. Crepe Ingredient:- 2pcs Egg- 20gram Unsalted Butter- 100gram Flour- 50gram Sugar- 300cc Milk Cream Ingredient:- 90gram Cream Cheese- 40gram Sugar- 1table spoon Cocoa- 180gram Heavy Whipped Cream (Solid) Decoration: 1/2 teaspoon Cocoa How to make the Crepe?- … Continue reading Choco Mille Crepe

Steamed Corn

My sister-in-law still has a lot of corn in her storage, so today, she made steamed corn for us.It's delicious. It's easy, just steamed the corn. then, put it on the bowl, and mix with butter and cheese. Give a little Milk and salt.Enjoy it.