Dunia Fantasi # Jakarta -Indonesia

One of my far away relatives, 姨姨 in Magelang, hold her son's wedding party today in Jakarta. So me, my mom, one of my 姨姨,one of my 伯母, and also my brother's fiance, go to Jakarta together to attend the wedding. The wedding party located at Discovery Hotel and Convention Ancol, and they give us free … Continue reading Dunia Fantasi # Jakarta -Indonesia

2014 Borobudur International 10K

Borobudur International 10K 2014 is a special running event which held in The Magnificent Borobudur Temple in the Magelang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The event is presented by the province of Central Java in collaboration with the Indonesian Athletic Association (PASI). The Borobudur 10 K opens competition in three main categories, which are: the … Continue reading 2014 Borobudur International 10K