Dunia Fantasi # Jakarta -Indonesia

One of my far away relatives, 姨姨 in Magelang, hold her son’s wedding party today in Jakarta. So me, my mom, one of my 姨姨,one of my 伯母, and also my brother’s fiance, go to Jakarta together to attend the wedding.

The wedding party located at Discovery Hotel and Convention Ancol, and they give us free room. Because the hotel located inside Ancol, and my brother’s fiance haven’t went to Dufan, a famous amusement park in Indonesia, so I decided both of us today’s plan is go to Dunia Fantasi while my mom and other’s go to shopping.

We rent a car for those who go to shopping. As usual, I always rent from PPM Car Rental, by Ms Jenny. I always trusted her company to rent a car while I’m visiting Jakarta.

Dunia Fantasi only located besides Discovery Hotel. So Me and my soon-to-be sister only need to walk for 5 minutes.

Dunia Fantasi entrance ticket cost IDR 250.000/pax because it’s Sunday. And for suggestions, don’t go to here on Weekend, because too many people in there. Some of them is some company outing group and they bring their family.

We ride Kora-Kora, Halilintar, and also Niagara. We queue to ride Ice Age, a new game, and it’s a long queue. We queue almost 2 hours. But when it will be our turn, something happened, and they close the game. What a waste.. T___T

For a game that child can ride, there will be a long queue when it’s weekend or holiday. But for some extrim one, like Halilintar, or Rajawali, there’s no queue. So, it’s better to go here while not holiday.

Ice Age

In the evening, we go back to hotel and prepare for the wedding party.

2014 Borobudur International 10K

Borobudur International 10K 2014 is a special running event which held in The Magnificent Borobudur Temple in the Magelang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The event is presented by the province of Central Java in collaboration with the Indonesian Athletic Association (PASI).

The Borobudur 10 K opens competition in three main categories, which are: the General Category (international professional athletes, national athletes, international and national runners), the Local Category (citizens of Central Java and Yogyakarta), and Students Category.

– Indonesia Travel
– 2014 Result

You have to registered first before join the running. And you will get number, t-shirt and smal backpack. For apply, you could contact the information in the website above. The price is based on what category you are.

On 4.30, we go to Borobudur, and it’s already so many people in there.

While waiting, I saw this mushroom.
And also this.

This is the route:

Credit to Borobudur 10k Website
Central Java Governor,  the tournament comitte and sponsor open the event
Central Java Governor,  the tournament comitte and sponsor open the event

Too many people, with red t-shirt. Everyone are so excited to run.