Dried Food

Some gift from Bangkok, dried fruit… So delicious.

There’s Durian Taste too, but because I don’t like Durian, so I didn’t buy it.

Breakfast at Alor Street # Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

This morning, we ate breakfast at Alor Street. There’s chinese restaurant which serve breakfast. We ate poridge and noodle. And buy some Cahkwe / Fried Breadstick / 油条 (you tiao). I think there’s nothing special with the food, just usual breakfast.

Kuala Lumpur City Tour D2 # Malaysia

This morning, we go shopping for a while, then back to hotel for packing. The stuff in here almost the same with Indonesia. I don’t know, maybe because we didn’t buy wholesale. We just buy 1 / 2pcs. But the quality is better.

After packing, we wait for the taxi. We rent a taxi from the hotel for 140 MYR for 5 people + luggage. The journey took approximately 1.5 hour.

Arrived at LCCT, we go to baggage drop counter to put our luggage. Just as information, Our flight operated by Airasia, which required to self-checkin using Web, or barcode scan. And we have to print our boarding pass. If not, you have to pay for print at check-in counter.

Then, it’s time to go home.

After packing, we wait for the taxi. We rent a taxi from the hotel for 140 MYR for 5 people + luggage. The journey took approximately 1.5 hour.

Arrived at LCCT, we go to baggage drop counter to put our luggage. Just as information, Our flight operated by Airasia, which required to self-checkin using Web, or barcode scan. And we have to print our boarding pass. If not, you have to pay for print at check-in counter.

Then, it’s time to go home.

It took 2 hour and a half from Kuala Lumpur to Yogyakarta. But because the difference time, Yogyakarta time was earlier 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur.

Once we arrive at Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport, we pass the imigration which took almost 1 hour becase the long queue. Then we took our baggage which already ready at the claim baggage area.

Mom and Dad pick up us. We go back home to Magelang. Time to back to work again. Goodbye Holiday…

Sungei Wang Hotel at Bukit Bintang # Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

This time, I choose Sungei Wang hotel at Bukit Bintang for our stay. It close to Bukit Bintang, which famous area of shopping and eating.

Website: http://www.sungeiwanghotel-kualalumpur.com/

The hotel really located in the middle of shopping and culinary area, and it’s easy to reach there. You can stop at Bukit Bintang Monorail Station or Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station.

The hotel was nice, there’s money changer right next to the hotel. The receptionist staff was nice, and friendly. She help us with the fast check-in. We ask for extra bed, but they didn’t prepare it yet even we already ask and paid for it. So we have to wait for a while.

The room was clean, and OK. And it’s not too expensive too. I would like to stay in this hotel again if I came to KL for transit 1 / 2 nights.

Kuala Lumpur City Tour D1 # Malaysia

We arrived at LCCT International Airport Kuala Lumpur, then we rent airport taxi for 5 people, to go to the main city. Kuala lumpur airport to main city, took 1 hour approximately.

LCCT or Low Cost Carrier Terminal, which special terminal in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Airasia. The airport was full wifi, you can access the internet free and fast. There’s so many restaurant in there, so don’t worry if you starving.

If you don’t have a chance to print your boarding pass, then you can easily print it in here. There’s so many boarding pass barcode scanning or self-check-in counter in here.

When it’s holiday, there will be many people in here. So becareful with your belonging.

Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuala_Lumpur_International_Airport#Low_cost_carrier_terminal_.28LCCT.29

There’s so many hotel nearby, if you just want to transit for a night, you can stay in nearby hotel. The nearest hotel was Tune Hotels KLIA-LCCT. It’s convenient because located only in front of the terminal with only walk for 10 minutes. When you come out from the arrival, just see straight to the parking lot, and you will see the sign.

Tune Hotels KLIA – LCCT: http://www.tunehotels.com/my/en/our-hotels/klia-lcct-airport/

After check-in hotel, we eat lunch at KFC then go to Suria KLCC Mall. We ride monorail then change to LRT Kelana Jaya Line to station KLCC.

Located at Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, phone: +60 3-2382 2828.

Suria KLCC is an end to end Developer and Asset Manager of Retail Assets in Malaysia. The largest retail asset, Suria KLCC, is detailed in this listing.
Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suria_KLCC

Suria KLCC Group includes of Suria KLCC, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination located at the foot at the Twin Tower at the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Alamanda Shopping Centre located at Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative capital and Mesra Mall located in Terengganu, on Malaysia’s East Coast known for its picturesque islands and scenic beaches.
Website: http://www.suriaklcc.com.my/corporate/index.dot

It’s near Petronas Twin Tower. This is my 2nd time come to Petronas Twin Tower. This time, I didn’t go to the observation deck but I went to KLCC Park to enjoy the tower. (I will talk about the observation deck when I have a time to review, I went there when my trip to Taiwan in 2011).

While waiting for the sunset, we drink coffee at starbucks. We see the mall map, and looking for starbucks. But the sign was confusing, we took some time to found it.

When the time, we preparing at the park. There’s so many people that “picnic” in the park to enjoy the view.
Website: http://www.petronastwintowers.com.my/

The Petronas Towers, also known as the Petronas Twin Towers (Malay: Menara Petronas, or Menara Berkembar Petronas) are twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)’s official definition and ranking, they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 until surpassed by Taipei 101, but they remain the tallest twin buildings in the world.[2] The buildings are the landmark of Kuala Lumpur with nearby Kuala Lumpur Tower.
Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petronas_Towers

KLCC Park is a public park located in the vicinity of Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The park has been designed to provide greenery to Petronas Twin Towers and the areas surrounding it.
Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KLCC_Park

After the night come, we decided to eat dinner at Sungei Wang Plaza while exploring the shopping mall. While on the way there, we see:

KL Tower

We go back to Bukit Bintang, and go to Sungei Wang Plaza to eat dinner.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia

I’ve been at Kuala Lumpur for 2 times before. And it’s only for transit at LCCT International Airport. This time, it’s also for transit to Bangkok.

Everytime before I go back to Indonesia, I will took 1 to 2 days to explore Kuala Lumpur.
This city was okay (for me, different people will have a different imprestion), and I don’t think I will spend special time go to this city to travelling. 🙂

Kuala Lumpur (called simply KL by locals) is the federal capital and the largest city in Malaysia. In Chinese, it is called 吉隆坡 (Ji Long Po). Kuala Lumpur is a sprawling city and its residential suburbs seem to go on forever.

Kuala Lumpur’s ambitious public transport system is sufficiently developed to be fairly efficient and convenient, but much room for improvement lies in its integration. The city, like many developing cities, suffers from paralysing traffic jams periodically throughout the day. In the rush hours, consider combining various methods of transport.

– http://wikitravel.org/en/Kuala_Lumpur
– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuala_Lumpur

Public transport at Kuala Lumpur:

Train — Urban rail train comes in four distinct flavours, which are not always fully connected:
LRT – run by RapidKL, which also runs the urban buses, it is the closest thing to a metro though it is mainly elevated on concrete pillars with only the most central stations underground. There are three lines: the Ampang line, the Sri Petaling line and the Kelana Jaya line. At some stations, different lines run on the same platform, which may be a bit confusing. Also LRT map with all lines is very rare at stations so don’t forget to print it or save it in your mobile/phone in advance, there are also (almost) no trashbins in LRT system so prepare to carry your trash until leaving system. (http://www.myrapid.com.my/)

KL Monorail – entirely elevated and loops through the Golden Triangle in a semicircle. Riding its whole length gives a good overview of the city centre. (http://www.monorail.com.my/)

KTM Komuter – two lines that meet in the city centre and run out to the suburbs, including the Batu Caves and Midvalley Mega Mall. Trains are not as frequent as on the LRT or Monorail: plan for a 20 min wait but 5-10 min is more likely. To get in/out KTM Komuter lines you are supposed to use turnstiles, but during 6/2013 turnstiles were switched off at Kuala Lumpur and Batu Caves stations, so don’t bother trying and just pass through. (http://www.ktmb.com.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57%3Aktm-komuter&catid=42%3Asbu&Itemid=55)

KLIA – trains run between KL Sentral and KL international airport. Express trains run direct. Transit trains stop at Putrajaya and Salak Tinggi en route.

Bus — 
Double-decker KL Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing tour buses serve 42 notable places. There is free Wi-Fi on board. An information commentary is given through headphones. Tickets (valid for 24 or 48hrs) give unlimited use during their validity. Children under 5 ride free. The buses are scheduled every half hour but waits may be as long as two hours due to traffic jams, so try to maximize use of the service outside rush hours. (http://www.myhoponhopoff.com/)

Two new FREE bus services (i.e. GOKL City Bus)started 1st September 2012. The purple bus service starts at Pasar Seni and travels to the shopping area of Bukit Bintang where it links up with the green bus service that loops around KLCC. (http://www.spad.gov.my/news-events/announcements/2012/go-kl-free-bus-service-routes)

Taxi —
Normal red and white taxis (RM3 first 1km, then RM1/km) and bright blue executive taxis (RM6 first 1km, then RM2/km) are good options if you can get them to use the meter. There are also various small surcharges for radio call (RM2), baggage (RM1 per piece), etc.

The city’s rail coverage is good enough so that you shouldn’t take a taxi to most hotels and tourist hotspots. But, if you must take a taxi, expect many drivers to refuse to use the meter, particularly during rush hour or when it rains. Prices then become negotiable (before setting off) and inflated (2-10 times the meter price). Although this is illegal, the only realistic thing you can do is walk away and find a different driver. A cab hailed off the street is more likely to use the meter than one that stalks tourist spots or parked.
If stuck with a driver that won’t use the meter, negotiate hard: RM10 should cover most cross town trips of 15 min or so, even with traffic. If staying in an expensive hotel, hide your affluence and give a nearby shopping mall as your destination instead. If you have lots of bags, try not to let him see it during negotiations. Malay drivers are generally more inclined to use the meter than Chinese or Indian ones.

Avoid going to a taxi stand and bringing a sheet of paper with your destination written down with the intention of showing it to the driver; you will have four or five of the drivers congregate and pass around your written address. They are most certainly discussing the best way to charge you an inflated price. Have your destination memorised or, even better, hail a taxi and avoid taxi stands.

Midnight surcharge is applicable on pickups 00:01-05:59. This surcharge means meter prices are increased by 50% (e.g. at 01:00, if the meter shows RM12, you should pay RM12+6).

During rush hour it’s generally best to combine public transport with taxis.


Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories and has a total landmass of 329,847 square kilometres (127,350 sq mi) separated by the South China Sea into two similarly sized regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. Land borders are shared with Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei, and maritime borders exist with Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur, while Putrajaya is the seat of the federal government. In 2010 the population was 28.33 million, with 22.6 million living on the Peninsula. The southernmost point of continental Eurasia, Tanjung Piai is in Malaysia, located in the tropics. It is one of 17 megadiverse countries on earth, with large numbers of endemic species.

The country is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, which plays a large role in politics. The constitution declares Islam the state religion while protecting freedom of religion. The government system is closely modelled on the Westminster parliamentary system and the legal system is based on common law. The head of state is the king, known as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. He is an elected monarch chosen from the hereditary rulers of the nine Malay states every five years. The head of government is the Prime Minister.

– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia
– http://wikitravel.org/en/Malaysia

Don Mueang International Airport D6 # Bangkok – Thailand

Wake up so early in the morning, because 06:00 have to go to Airport to go back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We rent a car from hotel for 5 people + luggage.

It cost 1400 Baht with car for 7 people.

Then we go to Don Mueang International Airport. Airasia is a low cost carrier flight, so at Bangkok, Airasia is at Don Mueang International Airport Terminal.

– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Mueang_International_Airport
– http://donmueangairportthai.com/
– http://www.donmuangairportonline.com/

We plan to eat breakfast at airport. I order this:


Then after eating, we pass the imigration, and waiting for boarding. Goodbye Bangkok, see you next time.

Sungei Wang Plaza & Alor Street Food # Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

We go back to Bukit Bintang, and go to Sungei Wang Plaza to eat dinner. (Web: http://www.sungeiwang.com/). Once again, it’s hard to looking for the foodcourt because the sign inside the mall was confusing. But at last, we found it. And guess what, that time there’s a bonus buy 1 get 1 for Nasi Lemak. So we decided to eat that. It is really cheap. 😀

After eating dinner, we explore the mall but most of them are closed already because it’s already 9 o’clock at night. Then we decided the next morning to explore the mall again.

We go back to the hotel, but then decided to go to Alor Street because my uncle wants to looking for Karaoke Mandarin VCD. Alor street is the famous food street in Kuala Lumpur.

If you patient enough, you can looking for dinner in here. There’s soooo many food here. We also bought durian.
(See: http://www.wonderfulmalaysia.com/food/jalan-alor-food-street.htm)

After walking around, we didn’t found any booth that sell karaoke VCD. They only sell drama series and movie. So we go back to the hotel for rest.

Good night… 🙂

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand

I haven’t talk about Bangkok itself. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

With a population of over eleven million inhabitants, by far Its largest city and Its high-rise buildings, heavy traffic congestion, intense heat and naughty nightlife may not immediately give you the best impression. But don’t let that mislead you. It is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities with magnificent temples and palaces, authentic canals, busy markets and a vibrant nightlife that has something for everyone.

Bangkok is a huge and modern city humming with nightlife and fervour. Administratively, it is split up into 50 districts (เขต khet), which are further split into 154 subdistricts (แขวง khwaeng), but these are more often used in official business and for addresses.

– http://wikitravel.org/en/Bangkok
– http://wikitravel.org/en/Bangkok

I never thought that I will like this city. Just like Jakarta, but with more convenient public transport and more comfortable. I like to walk in the city, even in the day or night, everything is wonderful.
The people is nice, even they barely say English, but They are kind and helpful. The stuff is cheaper especially on Fashionmall or floating market.

I would like to go here again, and also explore another city in Thailand. Maybe Phuket or Pattaya, next time, I will go there.