R&B Steak and Grill (1) Yogyakarta # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

R&B Steak & Grill located at Jl. R.W. Monginsidi No. 37, Yogyakarta. It serve steak and grill with good quality meat. The taste is not bad. And the main menu serves with full side dish such as vegetables, potatoes and bread. Make us feel full after eating this.

Starter, free from the restaurant
Restaurant Decoration
Restaurant Interior
My Drink: Strawberry Squash
My Main Course: Lambchop with sauteed vegetables, french frice, and Mushroom Sauce
Chicken Breast with Ratatoullie, French Fries and Blackpepper Sauce
Tenderloin USA with Sauteed Vegetables, French Fries, and Blackpepper sauce
Veel Snitzel with Ratatoullie, French Fries

NB: This is my first opinion, for the first time come to this restaurant. Everything is good, service is good, and the food is delicious. Don’t judge my first opinion first, Just wait for my next visit. Stay tuned.. ^^

Hotel Aryaduta # Jakarta – Indonesia

It’s my cousin’s wedding, and held at Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta. It’s been twice I stay in this hotel. For me this is enough, especially when it’s free XD. The host give us accomodation, so why not.

Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta located at Jl. Prapatan 44-48 Jakarta close to Farmer Status, Ismail Marzuki Park, and National Gallery of Indonesia. Also nearby are Immanuel Church and Sarinah Mall. It’s 4.5* star hotel.\

The building was a little old, but for me, it’s comfortable enough.

Here some picture of lobby cafe.