Borobudur Temple Magelang # Central Java – Indonesia

I bring my aunty to here, because she said that she want to go here again. Borobudur located near my city, it’s approx 20-30 minutes to go there by car. It’s a pity that there’s no public transport to go there. It’s better if you rent a car from Yogyakarta or Magelang.

The ticket entrance for local is IDR 30.000. And for International is USD 20 or IDR 195.000. The international entrance looks more VIP than the local. They give you drink and snack. Every people who enter Borobudur Temple Area, must wear Sarong.

For Borobudur History, see this:

Hash :: Kedung Kayang, Ketep, Blabak # Central Java – Indonesia

What is Hash? Hash, is a kind of sport, when we can walk either run. The track is various, sometimes in the road, sometimes in the forest, sometimes in the village. Just according to the host. In Indonesia, most of big city has HASH organization. In one city, there can be more than 1 organization. Hash also available in the world. Every 2 years, there’s InterHash Event. In 2012, the event hold in Magelang, my city. In 2014, will be held in China, Hainan Island.

Every Wednesday, I will be join hash in Magelang, which held by Magelang Hash House Harriers. Another Hash Organization in Magelang such as Union Hash, and 9 Naga Hash.

For more information about hash:

This time, we hash at Kedung Kayang, Ketep. Which near Merapi Mountain, one of active volcano in Indonesia. Here’s some photos of Merapi Mountain (took by my Iphone, I didn’t bring my Nikon)

Bukit Indah Hotel & Restaurant Wonosari # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

This restaurant is located at Bukit Patuk, Jl. Raya Jogja Wonosari Km. 15, Yogyakarta, 300m above Yogya City. When you go to Baron Beach or any other beach in there, you will pass this place. Easy to find this place, because the road is comfortable, and big enough to notice.

Because the high location, we can enjoy the sunset from here with Yogya City as background. And when the night come, one by one, the light from Yogya City will be on, make the situation more romantic. The restaurant is available inside building, and open sky.

Various menu is available in here; western, chinese, indonesian food, seafood you can enjoy everything while enjoy the scene. But the food a little expensive, and average taste. You can also stay in here, because they provide accomodation too.

More info:

When I arrived in here, it’s not dawn yet, so the scene is usual. We only drink coffee and eat snack.

Indrayanti Beach, Gunung Kidul # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

It took approximately 30 to 50 minutes from Baron beach to Indrayanti Beach. Indrayanti Beach located in the east coast of Sundak Beach.

I think the beach is a little different from the other beach in there. The water is more clear, and we can swim in there. No much rocks. In the beachside, there’s a row of restaurant and cafe. We can watch the scenery while eating.

The sun shines brightly, and it’s really hot. The beach side is clean, which make us comfortable to walk along the seaside.

No ticket entrance to this beach, but if you want to sit down in one of the gazebo, you have to buy food. And if you rent a car, you have to pay for the car parking fee.

Baron Beach, Gunung Kidul # Special Region of Yogyakarta ~ Indonesia

Baron Beach, is one of the beautiful beach in Indonesia. With its scene and seafood, attracting many tourism to visit. Even this beach is not for swim, because the big wave and so many rocks. But it’s still beautiful. Actually, Baron Beach is a bay, which located between two hill on the right and left.

Ticket entrance: IDR 5000 (not include car park fee).

This beach is unique, because has a meeting between plain water and the sea. The plain water is from a river that disembogue at one corner of Baron beach. There’s a small pool in the corner which can be used to swim, and then there’s a small river which flow from the small pool to the sea. The flow was so strong, you have to be carefull, especially for children, because sometimes it will be deep and you don’t know that in a blink you already arrive at the sea.

The beach is also been used as a dork by the fisherman. That’s why There is a fish market, which you can choose your own seafood, and ask for the villagers to cook it. The seafood is fresh, and delicious.

How to go here? This beach located 65km from Yogyakarta. You can go here by rent a car. It is located in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari sub-district, or approximately 20km in the south of Wonosari City.

You can climb the hill on the left, which there’s a path that make it easier. Just pay for IDR 1.000, and you can see the beautiful sea from uphill. Don’t forget to use sunblock, or you will get sunburn.

2013 Chinese New Year Eve’s Dinner Reunion

Every Chinese Year, my big family always gathering together to celebrate it. Usually, we celebrate twice, Chinese New Year Eve and Chinese New Year. Just like New year 1st January.

In Chinese New Year Eve, my mom and aunty cook a lot of food. We gathering and eat reunion dinner before Chinese New Year. It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly cleanse the house, in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way for good incoming luck. Windows and doors will be decorated with red colour paper-cuts and couplets with popular themes of “good fortune” or “happiness”, “wealth”, and “longevity.” Other activities include lighting firecrackers and giving money in red paper envelopes.

And when the Chinese New Year come, young people give New Year greetings for elder. We ussually wear red clothes.


Here’s some food which we had in this year’s Chinese New Year:

The most important dishes for Chinese New Year in my family is this, pete or sataw

It’s because, many people in my family like Pete/Sataw, but with different taste (spicy and no spicy), so we serve 3 kind of it.

Homemade: Desert

Sermo Reservoir (2), Kulon Progo # Special Region of Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Waduk Sermo or in English is reservoir, located in Kulon Progo Regency (Kabupaten). It is located between two hills, and full of trees because of preserve and forest suround it. The weather is nice, and cool. There’s a road suround the reservoir which make those who visit easy to take a tour.

Waduk Sermo inaugurated on 20 nopember 1996.


WatuGong, Ungaran # Central Java – Indonesia

Watugong is a place at outside Semarang, in Ungaran City (small city, Semarang Regency). It is like a stone with form Gong (an East and SouthEast Asian musical percussion instrument that takes the form of a flat, circular metal disc which is hit with a mallet.).


The place is still under improvement. And it plan to build a big Buddha statue with height 36m from bronze.

There’s a Vihara Buddhagaya inside the place. The Vihara has 7 floor, with height 45m.

The ticket price is free, but you can give donation.

Lawang Sewu Semarang # Central Java – Indonesia

Lawang Sewu, is a landmark in Semarang, Central Java. It called “Lawang Sewu” from Javanese which means “Thousand Doors”. The name comes from its design, with numerous doors and arc.

There’s 4 building in Lawang Sewu, the two main ones name A & B, and the other two smaller ones name C & D.

Lawang Sewu located at Pemuda Street, in front of Tugu Muda. It initially used by the Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij, the national railway of the Dutch East Indies. After the Japanese invaded Indonesia, the basement building B was turned to prison. And when Semarang retaken by the Dutch, the Dutch forces used the tunnel leading into A building to sneak into the city. A battle ensued, with numerous Indonesian fighters dying. It was later returned to National Railway Company after the Indonesian Army took over the complex.


The entrance ticket is IDR 10.000 and we need to be accompanied by a guide which cost IDR 30.000 for 1 group. You can choose Indonesian native guide or English one.

When we come to this building, the building A is closed due renovation. And we only entered building B. The guide tells us, Lawang Sewu has 350 door and many windows, but each door has 2 leaf door. So it has more than 1000 leaf door and windows.

There’s underground tunnel, but we didn’t dare to enter. Besides it is wet, and we have to rent a boot, everything is dark in there. Additional ticket required to entering the underground tunnel.

Kedai Beringin Semarang # Central Java – Indonesia

Many restaurant in Semarang, which actually I’m not too familiar. Everytime I went to Semarang, mostly I ate at the Department Store’s food court. This time, I try the most crowded restaurant, Kedai Beringin.

Kedai Beringin located at Jalan Beringin I/9 Semarang 50132. (Phone 62-24-3554292).

I ordered Nasi Hainan Campur, which the waitress said, it’s the favourite dishes in there. But so far, the food is not bad. And the price also not too expensive. You can find Indonesian dishes or oriental dishes in here.