Mutianyu 慕田峪 Greatwall (2) # Beijing – China

Another trip with UIBE to Mutianyu Greatwall. This time, we determine to climb until the very top (tower 23). Some of us, going upstair using cable car. The sun shine so bright The highest stairs to Tower 23 Rest for a while before climb the stairs The highest tower that we can go in Mutianyu, … Continue reading Mutianyu 慕田峪 Greatwall (2) # Beijing – China

Happy Valley Amusement Park 欢乐谷 (2) # Beijing – China

Another happy time at Happy Valley Amusement Park 欢乐谷. And we play until night is coming. It's beautiful at night.

Desert 沙漠 # Inner Mongolia – China

We will play in the desert for a day. The desert location only in the behind of the hotels. We have to use special shoes so that the sand won't get in to our shoes. We ride the cable car to the midle of the desert and they give us the special shoes. Do you … Continue reading Desert 沙漠 # Inner Mongolia – China

Inner Mongolia Special Culinary: Lamb # China

We have a very abundant lunch, it's lamb meat and it's very tender.

Grassland 草原 # Inner Mongolia – China

The particularity of its geographical position has endowed Inner Mongolia with rich tourist resources. Located at an average height of over 1,000 meters above sea level, Inner Mongolia is fascinating for its unique natural landscape. In the west, vast deserts extend throughout the area. There are famous deserts like Badanjilin Desert, Tenger Desert and Resonant Sand … Continue reading Grassland 草原 # Inner Mongolia – China

Inner Mongolia 内蒙古 Budget Tour # China

It's summer and Inner Mongolia is a famous destination that time, and the agent tour in my dormitory, have a budget package 3 days Inner Mongola only 500 RMB. There's 9 people, 5 ladies and 4 gentlement. So, we decided to go there on weekend (absent 1 day in Friday). Credit: Wikipedia Inner Mongolia or Nei Mongol … Continue reading Inner Mongolia 内蒙古 Budget Tour # China

2007 Kunming Flower Expo then go back to Beijing # Yunnan – China

We arrive at Kunming in the morning. And because our flight back to Beijing is in the evening, so our guide (Kunming Guide) bring us to explore Kunming. She took us to Jinma Biji Square. But because it's still morning, and it's raining, so we just walk around and took some photos while waiting for … Continue reading 2007 Kunming Flower Expo then go back to Beijing # Yunnan – China