Trip to 幕天宇长城 Mutianyu Greatwall with UIBE, at night go to Pepper Bars and Clubs # Beijing – China

Every end of the month, UIBE for Chinese Language Course, held a trip together. And this day, is the first trip. We go to 长城 Greatwall. There’s so many part of Greatwall. In Beijing, there’s 3 part: 八达岭 长城 Badaling Greatwall, 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall, and Shimatai Greatwall. This time, we go to 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall.


There’s 22 watchtower at 幕天宇 长城 Mutianyu Greatwall. Because I enjoy took photos much, we didn’t have a chance to reach the top watchtower.

And for go downstair, we ride slide. It’s fun, and less tired.

Path from Bus parking to Greatwall Entrance
View from Entrance
It’s the end of winter and the start of spring
The Mutianyu Greatwall
View from Greatwall
Mutianyu Greatwall
Mutianyu Greatwall, still long path
Mutianyu Greatwall
The view from onf of Watchtower
If you can’t walk to long, then there’s cable car to go upstair, even not until the top.
We are going down, seems so high

The trip finished in the afternoon. Then my friends decided to go to the bars because today is Saturday. So I tag along. We went to Pepper Bars & Club. I never been at bar before, so this is my first time. Too bad, I didn’t have the photos of the bar. We go there by Taxi.


First time goes KTV # Beijing – China

I’m very lucky, my friends like to singing. And here’s that KTV in China is very famous, then we decided to try it. There’s one KTV near UIBE. We often see it when we go outside from North gate.

KTV is a singing place. But because we are in China, so never wish for English / other language songs in here. All the songs here is in Chinese and using Chinese Character, no Pinyin. So if you didn’t memorize the lyrics, you can save it in your smartphone XD..

I forgot the KTV name, it’s a small one and near the university. We go there once at night. (I think the name is – 钟情星河俱乐部KTV (北京市东城区和平里东街12号 – 12 Hepingli E St, Dongcheng, Beijing, Tiongkok)

PS: we only went there once, and then next time, we go to another better KTV

Another side of 王府井 Wangfujing Street # Beijing – China

Today we go to 王府井 Wangfujing again, but at night. We visit another side of Wangfujing Street: Wangfujing Snack Street, which sell a lot of traditional stuff. There’s some stall that sell unique things to eat too.

The street located in the middle of Wangfujing Street. There’s a big gate with traditional carving, which you can find it easily.

Once you enter the gate, you will see some unique snack, and traditional house.

South Cathedral 南堂 (1) # Beijing – China

It’s Sunday, and it’s time to go to Church. We go to South Cathedral 南堂 nan tang (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception) at Xuanwumen 宣武门 exit B2. We can go there by subway, stop at Xuanwumen MRT.

The Cathedral original name is The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 圣母无染原罪堂 Shengmu Wuran Yuanzui Tang and also known as Xuanwumen church 宣武门天主堂 xuanwumen tianzhu tang or South Cathedral 南堂 nan tang. We go to this cathedral because it has english Sunday.


Trip to Tian’An Men 天安门 and Forbidden City 故宫 # Beijing – China

Today, my friends Pramono, RW and Dede invite me to join them take a trip to Tian’An Men 天安门 & Forbidden City 故宫 gugong. It’s only us four.

To go to Tian’An Men, you can ride subway, to Tian An Men station.

Once we came out from the subway, we will see Tian’An men Square. There’s Mao Zi Dong’s museum and also People’s monumen.

2008, the Olympiade will held in Beijing. So, there’s a countdown to the Olympiade time in the Tian An Men Square.

After take some photos at Tian’An Men Square, then we went to Tian’An Men Gate.

Then we enter the gate.

The main building has been renovated, for Olympiade preparation. So we can’t see it.

Then we enter the Forbidden City 故宫 gugong. It cost RMB 120 for tourists. But for students, there’s discount, and it only cost RMB 80 using Student Card 学生证 xueshengzheng. This is where the Royal Family stay. We can see some royal clothes, and utilities. And also some gift from other countries.

The Garden inside Forbidden City
Back side of Tian’An Men.


After roaming around Tian’An Men, we go back to the dorm. One of our friend, Via, inviting us to dinner at her apartment. She will cook for us. So, we go there, and join the others.

UIBE International Student Welcome Party and Jin Ding Xuan Restaurant 金鼎轩酒楼, Yonghegong # Beijing – China

Today was International Student welcome party, which take place at lounge at 6th building. I met my roommate Gloria’s friends.

After enjoy the party, we went to eat supper at Jin Ding Xuan restaurant 金鼎轩酒楼 jindingxuan jiulou near MRT Yonghegong. My roommate join me and my friends too.

The restaurant specialized was dimsum and cantonese. The place open 24 hours and always full of people. Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp dumpling and spring rolls, etc, everything was delicious.

Besides the restaurant was night club and KTV. I often come here with my friends, when we need supper. We can took the last bus, to Yong He Gong Station, then back with taxi. The price was okay, not too expensive but also not cheap. This is one of supper choice.


Class 212 Chinese Language UIBE # Beijing – China

Today, the result of class was come out. And I’m at 212 class. 2-1 means, intermediate level 1, and “2” means there’s two class for intermediate level 1 and I’m at 2nd class.

In my class, there’s only 2 Indonesian student, me and one friend from Jakarta. At first, I sit down besides Japanese student, Lingmu. He is shy, but nice. Then I also met some Korean friends, Nana & Guang Nan, and Thailand friends. Our theacher was kind and nice too.

We have 4 subject:

  • – 听力 *tingli* / listening,
  • – 精读 *jingdu* / Intensive Reading / Grammar,
  • – 阅读 *yuedu* / Reading,
  • – 口语 *kouyu* / Spoken Language.

We have 2 class each day, from Monday to Friday. The time was according to the schedule. Each class, has a break for 15 minutes.The class was fun. I can enjoy the Listening, Grammar and Speaking. But It’s hard to follow the reading, because the vocab was difficult and almost like news vocabulary.

But I like the class very much. My classmates was fun but competitive. But not too serious, we joking around, and always help each other.

I miss my 212 Class.. 🙂

Chang Cheng Restaurant near UIBE # Beijing – China

Today, we eat dinner at Changcheng Restaurant. Actually, I forgot where this restaurant located, but from UIBE north gate, then cross the street, there will be a Chang Cheng Restaurant. The building has red color, and very unique.

The food here is very delicious and cheap. We love to eat here.

First Time Skiing at Nanshan Ski Resort 北京南山滑雪场 # Beijing – China

One of friend that we met at Beijing, ask us to join him for skiing. I decided to try it because it’s my first time and the class hasn’t been started yet, so why not try it. I went with Nit, Vi, Via, Roni, yeye, and some other friends.

I forgot how much it cost, but our friend has already count everything including the bus to go there. We will skiing at Nanshan Ski Resort 北京南山滑雪场 beijing nanshan huaxue chang (

Once we arrive there, we rent the jacket, pants, shoe and ski stuff. We have to leave deposit for it. We feel so excited because it’s our first time.
This is Nanshan Ski Resort:

There’s a cafetaria in there, so we can eat lunch easily. We spend almost 4-6 hours and so tired. I drop so many times because can’t balance my ski and all of my body feel sore. But it’s fun.

At the evening, we came back to UIBE. I sleep during the journey back because exhausted.

Placement Test Chinese Language UIBE # Beijing – China

Actually, I forgot when is the placement test date. I think it’s about 1 week after the registration took place. When we re-registration, we will be tested if we could speak Chinese of not. And the teacher will decided if we have to take placement test or not.

This placement test for Chinese Language is like English TOEFL test. There’s Listening, Grammar, Reading, and Essay.

First we have to “listening” or in Chinese called 听力 tingli, then they will test our Grammar / 语法 yufa, then Reading / 阅读 yuedu. All of the test is multiple choice. And for the last stage, it’s Writing / 写 xie when we have to write an essay about some topic in Chinese.

Not all new student for Chinese language need to take placement test. When we have been interviewd by teacher, if we can’t passed the interview then they will decided we will start from beginner level.

My purpose to go to China is studying Chinese, so no matter from what level I will be start, it doesn’e matter. Because I think, I can improve well if my basic is strong enough.

After the test, we all go shopping.